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  1. While i am doing the 3.0 upgrade, the last part says to hold the eject and restart button down for 5 secs. is the reset button the same as the restart button? if not, where is it at?
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    Thnx for the help
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    I took out the sd card and the screen goes black whenever I start the car
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    I'm using the downloaded version. I haven't taken out the sd card so I guess I'll try that. What I mean is that it keeps goin bak to the screen that looks like a desktop on a comp.
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    The guide says the last step is to hold the restartbuton and the eject button down for 5 secs
  6. kbui92


    can someone help me with the 3.0 update? on the last step im holding down the reset button and the eject button but it just sends me back to the page with my device. help?
  7. is there another way to copy and paste? for some reason i cannot press the very top of my screen and press edit.. thanks
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