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  1. i bought an 'oem' cable from ebay for my f500bt. it works fine with iOS5 / iPhone 4s (if anyone was wondering).
  2. TELEATLAS 2010.06 North America

    pardon the noob question , but what is "DEM"? I downloaded the maps from here but i never got around to updating them. I notice the size is different between the two (not to mention i cant find "DEM"); are the ones that dragon24 posted different (and intended for F series specifically)? Thank you.
  3. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    thank you retell and an even bigger thank you to hieppo i dont have issues with voice guidance but i do have problems with TTS. Also i have the same problem in 3D, did you by chance happen to find a solution?
  4. screen protector for f500bt

    Thanks and ordered
  5. screen protector for f500bt

    Can anyone recommend a screen protector for the F500bt? Thanks in advance!
  6. F500BT as a portable nav and entertainment unit?

    Yes you can use the dc adapter in the car, even nothing at all but then the battery wouldnt last too long, and still have access to all functions. It comes with a house charger as well, windshield/dashboard bracket but no storage carrier .
  7. F500BT - noob questions

    Thanks for the reply. I have had some time to test the GPS portion and its pretty solid (TTS, accuracy, recalculations, etc). The only reason i ask about the build date/map version is because there are quite a few new roads and malls/real estate development going up in my area. The F500BT had no problem navigating to the general vicinity of the area (from which point onwards i am more than capable of reaching my destination ) but it would be nice to have access to them in the POI menu. As for the amp i havent had a chance yet to figure out what to do with it ...
  8. F500BT - noob questions

    Hi, i just picked up a F500BT and cant say enough about the amount features packed into this little monster (divx for one!). I just have a few questions, hopefully this is the right thread, if not i apologize (hopefully someone can move this post). 1. Im not sure if i may have damaged the mounting bracket since the up and down (not telescoping) portion "grinds" when switching positions unlike the the tilt (side to side) which is quite smooth. 2. My unit was manufactured in Jul/08 (same with amp), should i be aware of any new hardware upgrades or fixes on the newer units (for example after performing the firmware upgrade to 2.0 my map is still at 1.0060.. is this ok?), since im still within the exchange period at my local retailer. 3. Lastly, i dont really need the amp (since the gps is for my dads truck...he plans to use it as an on dash unit from time to time), but i dont think we have a choice up here to buy the f500bt alone. I was thinking instead of just installing the amp in my beater (96 corolla with stock tape deck/speakers...) in the hopes that the sound quality might improve from the stock deck/speakers lol (is this even possible or just pointless)...or load up an sd card for the F500bt and use it as an mp3 player in my corolla with the sound coming out the car speakers instead of the F500BT (this would be the ideal scenario if possible). Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help (*puts flame suit on just in case ).