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  1. Auto EQ sounds terrible

    I am not getting very good results with the auto eq feature on my 3400bh head unit. The sound is very flat, with a lot of mid range. I am mounting the speaker on my headrest facing forward. With auto eq off it does not sound bad (a lot better than when its on). I figure the problem is something with my system, like something is not wired properly, but not even sure where to start looking.. My setup: Pioneer AVH-3400BH Alpine PDX-F4 amp Focal components in the front Focal coax in the rear any tips or help greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. d1 wont turn on and shuts off

    Not sure how you feel about ebay services. But there is a vendor that offers touch screen repairs for $85 (15 shipping) or whole unit fix for 125. They have over 2200 positive feedback (100%) .. might be worth checking out.. Below is a current auction link for the repair service.. http://cgi.ebay.com/PIONEER-AVIC-D1-AVIC-D2-REPAIR-SERVICE-YOUR-UNIT-/380172839077?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58841128a5
  3. My avic-d1 touchscreen is totally out of wack, and no amount of recalibrating is ever going to bring it back. I need to replace the touchscreen. I found the screen part no problem, but cannot find a tutorial anywhere with some detailed steps on how to replace the screen. I've read other posts from people who have done it saying its "Not hard." and "Lots of little screws." but never a writeup on the procedure at all. Can someone please help? thanks!