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  1. Welcome you have multi language European Backup AvicF900bt, urgently need to do right. Thanks for your help
  2. Backup AVIC f900bt Europa multi language

    Maybe someone will do a backup of "My Flash Disk" mulit language AVIC F900bt Europe. This forum is the largest AVIC, Backup does not
  3. Backup AVIC f900bt Europa multi language

    would be extra
  4. Backup AVIC f900bt Europa multi language

    Looking for backup F900bt multi language of Europe, all of which are found in the avi411 the U.S. version (with maps of Europe). There are many people who are looking for the European version. Thank you for your help
  5. My avic f900bt is deat

    I tried to upload files WINCEIMG.BIN and WINCEIMG.CKS in service but charging 88% off and the screen is black. Does someone have a case? Can someone help?
  6. My avic f900bt is deat

    I put a new soft and AVIC died Well, no, no way to start TESTMODE. Which has been in the SD, does the Pioneer logo and 4 or 5 seconds, black screen and off. I do not know that there may be wrong in the firmware, but whatever it is, do not understand why not start TESTMODE. I tried to put in LPUE080 SD, only TESTMODE also with Mitacap and nothing ... I did eject + reset but after flash my keys and that does not solve the problem? Thank you for your reply I am Polish. Forgive my English