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  1. Custom POI's 8100NEX?

    Is it possible to import custom POI's into the 8100? I assume I'd have to put them on a SD card, but any folder / specific file name / format? Thanks
  2. Custom POI's 8100NEX?

    D'oh.. So I actually have the 8400 - I thought I had the 8100. I don't see toolbox listed on the page of supported devices, so no go? Or is there something else to use for the 8400?
  3. Custom POI's 8100NEX?

    Is that part of NaviExtras? I searched here and google and don't see a stand alone tool called synctool... And speaking of which, how do I connect my 8100 to NaviExtras? Format the SD card in the 8100, then put the sd card in the computer?
  4. So I have a Z140BH. I ran Avic feeds on my desktop PC, imported some favorites, then saved to SD. It creates two files and a folder (Don't have a SD reader at work so I can't look at it right now). But in the folder, there's 2 favorites file. Is this normal? It's like Filename and Filename1 for the favorites, which then breaks the favorites into two favorites on the Z140. And I know a few are missing, but can't figure out why or how. Can I simply combine the 2 files into one file? Is there some reason it creates it as 2 files? Thanks
  5. Z140BH constant rebooting

    So I think I solved it... Two problems. I guess I still had the test file (test.reg?) on the SD card with the update, so the update wasn't 'working'. And I guess there's a issue with the other SD card I was using to store my POI's. So removing the test file, it actually updated. Then, booting without the SD card with the favorites, it booted. So time to maybe buy a new SD card to store my favorites on.... And maybe hack the "I agree" screen
  6. Hi All, I have a z140BH that I attempted to upgrade the firmware on. Firmware appeared to go fine, but now when I turn the stereo on, it shows the splash screen, then 'reboots' - black screen - splash screen - black screen - splash screen, etc. Any suggestions? I followed this thread: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35230-2012-uscan-maps-cnsd-310fmuc-upgrade-updated-to-supereasymethod-beta/ Thanks.
  7. 2013 USA/CAN Maps Download

    Ran the update, but it's stuck in the System Ucom write 'screen'. I cannot get it to eject the card. And even when I turn power to the car off, the screen stays on there. Any suggestions? Update seems to have gone fine..
  8. Z110Bt custom fake faceplate

    Hate to bump an old thread - but GENIUS!
  9. F-500BT - Computer doesn't see it?

    Just purchased a F500BT. The USB cable that came with it is a - wrong cable? ie it's what you plug a USB cable into. I have a USB cable, plugged it in, but neither of my two computers recognize it the GPS. And so obviously, when I go on the GPS to say favorites from USB, USB is dimmed out. And when I use Avic Feeds, and say use USB, USB isn't an option. Anything I need to do? I didn't see a driver anywhere on Pioneers site, and generally a USB device should be plug and pray. Running XP Pro on one machine XP home on the other. Just updated to the latest firmware via SD card. Thanks! Evan
  10. F-500BT - Computer doesn't see it?

    Oh.. And I can post a new thread if need be.. But I'm seeing an issue similiar to viewtopic.php?f=33&t=23671&p=162262&hilit=+f500bt+f500bt+phonebook#p162262 - I have a Treo 750, and went to transfer phonebook, but it only transfers voicemail and one other contact. Should it transfer them all? Thanks again
  11. F-500BT - Computer doesn't see it?

    Ecch. Really? So I'm guessing then I can't save POI's to the GPS? Is there then a better way to go to favorites / POI'S? Near as I can tell, it's Destination, USB /SD, From SD, Filename... Thanks for the quick reply