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  1. Hi I was wondering because I have a Avic D3 installed in my car but I want to upgrade to the X930BT can I use the same wiring or will I have to use the X930BT? I'm just trying to save myself some work thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, I'm just wondering cause I have the new GPS navigation disks but when I do the update will it erase my current setting, backrounds, etc.. Thanks in advance.

    Does anyone know if there is any updated disks or any newer GPS disks/maps than the original. Cause I went to a couple of different places and areas around the city and it doesn't seem to find any them when I input the address.
  4. AVIC D3 Bypass with PICTURE!!!

    I just installed my D3 on a 2003 ford expedition eddie bauer edition. I lost the functionality of my streering wheel buttons.eg. volume control, music change. etc.. Is there a way to make it compabitble with the D3 or was my mechanic just lazy and didn't want to hook it up to it.