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  1. Solved it temporarily using TomTom 2017.03 map which is almost half the size of HERE map. It's 6 months older, but it work fine, it has updated major new interchanges, new traffic boards and speed limits in Edmonton, Canada.
  2. Is there a way to free some RAM on the unit by disabling any features so the map for Canada which is 208MB can run?
  3. X series models have LED backlight for their LCD display (F series have small fluorescent tube), plus Apple authentication chip for ipods.
  4. Canadian 3.0 update

    I wonder too. I just placed an order. Tested "unofficial" 3.0 and 3.01 here in Edmonton, Canada and I'm not impressed with the maps update. For some reason all Provincial highways are referred to as KINGS HWY (That's a name they used to have in Ontario in the past). For Example Queen Highway 2 is being called KINGS HWY 2, Yellowhead Highway 16 is called KINGS HWY 16, Anthony Henday Highway 216 is called KINGS HWY 216. etc.... Very, very annoying! I hope they sorted it out in the "Canadian" update.
  5. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    I have an Avic f900bt as well and it is doing the same thing!!! Has anyone figured out a way to correct this issue??? Please let me know before I rip this piece of junk out and smash it on the ground into a million little pieces ...J/K, seriously though I need help!!! I have the same problem! but now i fix it!! wat jou must do 1: take APl Folder out x710/910 Update (pioneer update) 2: Copy it to Flash disk (best to do ereaz the original en put this one back) 3: then hackt ez-to apl2 (first ereaz old one then put this one in) if jou have V2.7 on it take EZ 2007 4: Reboot to bleu screen whit the butten map eject reset. enz look on the forum how to do 5: put on a sd kaart WINCEIMG.BIN WINCEIMG.CKS from update V3 Pioneer websit 6: put in sd kaart after step 5 and upgrade CE (not whit format!!) (works for me) 7:Then reboot and it is workingfor me I had the same issue, but it occured with pioneer 3.01 update. Tried three times to no avail. The system rebooted after 5 minutes. I coud use radio and could see top menu and most of the selections. Got new sounds etc. Just not the map screen. I fixed it by using completly different SD card. I also unzipped the files on Windows Vista instead of using my MacBook.THATS ALL. I have to add that upgrading to 3.0 was NOT an issue using this particular SD card and extracting files on the MacBook. and the 3.0 was over 1.5 GB. GO FIGURE!