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  1. Download "Jerry's PIMMGR" HERE

    Hi, This link doesn't seem to work? Can I find this software anywhere else? Thanks.
  2. Not sure why I can't post this in the classifieds, but here it is... I have a brand new, never installed pioneer gex-p7000 TV tuner. All CABLES AND MANUALS, PLUS.... I bought a new pioneer extension AV-BUS cable. There are instructions here to use modify this cable to place rca jacks on the end and plug it in so you have full control of this unit with the AVIC-D1 & D2 (D3 maybe). The extension cable cost $35.00 by itself. I'll sell everything for $75.00 plus shipping. Email me at ddouglas@cmcc.ca PIONEER GEX-P7000TV HIDE-AWAY TV TUNER Can Serve as a System Controller for Basic and OEM Applications, or as a Component of Full Visual Audio Systems and IP-Bus Headunits for TV Tuner Integration NTSC VHF/UHF Compatible TV Tuner 24-Station Presets (12 TV1/12 TV2) TV Station Naming by Voice (with optional CD-VC60 Voice Commander) RGB Output for Front Display (AVX-P7000CD, AVX-7000, AVX-505 or AVD-505 required) RGB Input (for AVIC-505 Route-Guidance Navigation System or AVM-P7000R Visual Audio Controller) Audio/Video Independent Selector for Front Display 2 Audio/Video Inputs (RCA-Type, NTSC Video & L+R Audio) (for add-on Game Consoles, VCRs, and others) Independent Video Selector for Rear Display Audio/Video Output (RCA-Type, NTSC Video & L+R Audio) for Rear Display IP(Interactive Pioneer)-Bus System Input/Output TV Tuner Control by AVM-P7000R or selected Pioneer IP-Bus Headunits Pass-Through for MCD Connection FM Modulator (for connection to FM Stereo radio) featuring: 12 Selectable Modulating Frequencies* (87.9 - 90.1 MHz, 0.2 MHz Steps) 7 Selectable Modulation Levels* Diversity Antenna Input (4 Channel) (optional AN-G3 Antenna available) Wireless Slim Remote Control Picture Adjustment (Color, Hue, Sharpness)
  3. $50 Pioneer GEX-P7000TV

    Hi Folks, thought I'd share. I just picked up a GEX-P7000TV on eBay for $51.00 USD or $46.00 Canadian (I'm in Canada). The seller is in Canada and is actually about 30 miles from me. Anyway, the unit arrived yesterday and it it NEW and MINT... all cable and all manuals included. The guy is seller more and currently has one listed here: http://cgi.ebay.ca/PIONEER-GEX-P7000TV- ... dZViewItem I just picked up an antenna for $12.00 and will get the AV-BUS cable from a local dealer for $40 CND... so the cable and antenna will cost more than the TV tuner! I'll do the hack on the cable when I get it and I'll be all set!
  4. Antenna for a GEX-P7000TV

    Hi, what antenna would work best for the GEX-P7000TV tv tuner. This: Pyle PLVWAN7 Thin Film Diversity TV Antenna http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... :IT&ih=013 or this: Pyle PLVWAN6 Powered Diversity Mobile Car TV Antenna http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... :IT&ih=004 I'm not sure what 4-channel diversity antenna means? Does "4-channel" = 4 plugs for the antenna? Thanks... Better recommendations or experience appreciated.
  5. AVOX and Divx

    Hi, This may be off topic, but I just installed the AVOX with the Altech 1.47 firmware upgrade.... Everything seems to work fine with my Avic-D1 but I have a DIVX video on the drive and it doesn't list it. The extension of the file is .divx of course. While it's supposed to play this file, I can't figure out how. Has anyone had this problem? Or figured out a fix? Thanks.
  6. AVOX and Divx

    LOL, I think I have the wrong day job That may be true. BTW... I am REALLY impressed with the AVOX. I hooked it up to my regular TV (it's COLD outside), and played the divx after changing the extension to avi... BOY the quality of the picture is REALLY great. I saw very little pixalation (a little in the darker areas) but nothing too worry about. This is from a show that has been compressed, so some quality loss is expected. I also have a DVD movie of mine I ripped and have the VOB on there... again unimaginable! This is a great little toy and it answers the questions about playing movies on the Avic if you have limited space... (my glove box is filled with the siruis radio and ipod module). I just wish they made a better case. Been thinking of making an aluminum one out of machined stock.
  7. AVOX and Divx

    LOL... thanks guys. I thought it may be something as simple as that! Cheers
  8. Hi, Recently completed the download of the update disk (60M) for 2006 Maps from the areas indicated here using Torrent. As well as another source... they appear to have the same problem... when I open the east MDF file (9K) in Alchohol 120% there is no header description of the contents and the MDF file appears to be zero K. With the West files, you get a description and while I attempt to burn it, somewhere near the end it seems corrupted. Has anyone had similar problems? I can't seem to find a working east disk... anyone know where I can get a regular ISO version or a nero nri file? Are they all Alchohol files out there? Thanks.
  9. OK... here's an update after my search (sorry if this is old news) It looks like Verbatum and Memorex are the DVDs of choice here. Stil lnot sure if I should use DVD-R DL, but that seems to be more backwards compatible. If anyone has a D1 and burnt their own disks (backup or otherwise), let me know what disk you use. Thanks.
  10. OK folks, there really are no problems here. But I thought I'd share my "experiences" with other in case they have the same problems. Well, actually I did have a few problems, but I think I know what it is. I need to do a search of the forums and see what I can find. Anyway.... I was able to create a disk. I used winrar to extract the MDS & MDF file. In the advance I set the "set security" uncheck and the "clear attributes" to check. That seems to fix the problem. PowerISO and Alcohol could then read the MDF file and report on it's characteristics. With Poweriso I could see the file structure and so on. For some reason I couldn't create a disc (burn) with poseriso, but I suspect that's my computer and not the program. Anyway, I was able to successfully create a East Disk with Alcohol 120%. Took about 1.5 hours! I used FujiFilm DVD+R DL disks (I'll get to this)... I put the disk in the Avic-D1 and at first it would be recognize it, it kept saying "insert appropriate disk"... THEN when I was about to remove it. Is recognized it and started doing the update. BTW... there was a 1/1 at the bottom right hand corner. I read somewhere here that that is wrong and it should be 1/2... anyway. I let it continue. Once complete it took much longer to reboot. The startup screen seemed to be there twice as usual. Once started, it appeared that the maps did change. BUT I lost the little icons... ie. + and - magnifying glass on the zoom buttons. There are other icons missing on the maps. Anyway, I messed with it for a few minutes and decided to leave it... it's about 11:00 pm now.... Anyway, found the downgrade instructions and did the downgrade. Was pretty easy and took me about 3 mins. I couldn't do the last step which was "clear memory". I could get back to the test Screen (where's that BACK button?). So I thought, ok... I'll reboot and go back to the test screen and clear memory from there. Anyway, it turned out I didn't have to. Everything came up just fine. I had downgraded successfully. Here are a few things I noticed along the way. 1 - while in the updated version, the second time I started the system. The map screen pixelated the upper have of the maps. Now I'm in Ontario, it was REAL cold last night... keep this in mind. It's part of my conclusions. 2 - when I was downgrading... the GPS write was from 2.0 ---> 2.0. I think this was saying that the upgrade didn't change the GPS software. 3 - when I was downgrading the Application software it said 3.0 ---> 2.0 So I looks like only the application software is upgraded when it works. Conclusion: I think I need to buy better DVD +R DL... or should I get -R? I'll do a search for what works for others. I saw mention Memorex. Also, I wonder is the cold effects the disks I used. Because the missing icon would indicate that the D1 couldn't read the JPG file for these on the disk and it ignored it, and the pixelated map would also mean the map was corrupted during the read. They were fine the first time I started it. Anyway, that's it. Any comments are welcome.
  11. Thanks all, I did a search on this forum and found people have similar problems and it looks like a few answers. I'll give it a try.
  12. There's a HUGE thread in the other forum and a few other places. This is how I found out about it! I even received the original links from here.
  13. Good point. I'll try that instead.
  14. Hi Folks... GREAT BOARD! I have a question, I successfully hacked/moded the D1 and installed it in my 2001 Mazda Tribute (Looks great!)... but I didn't hook up the reverse wire or the speed sensor wire. As a result, the GPS works but is not 100% accurate. Has anyone ever hooked the speed sensor wire in this car? Where can I find it and what does it look like? Thanks.
  15. Thanks, I'll try the fender mounted one first, otherwise I'll take a look at the other one. I remember looking at the unit. Didn't want to take it a part however. Cheers.
  16. Download "Jerry's PIMMGR" HERE

    Got it! Thanks. I was logged in but FireFox wouldn't allow it. Worked ok in IE (which is a switch).
  17. AVIC-D3 on Pioneers Website

    Looks nice, but do you have to remove the Nav dvd when you want to place a cdrom or movie DVD? My biggest complaint with the D1 is it doesn't play movie DVD in the unit and the iPOD interface sucks. Otherwise it's great! But with the D3 fixing those problems., it seems they created more inconveniences.