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  1. testmode for X910

    got ahold of it and it does works. Got maps loaded adn everything.. impatience on my part..
  2. testmode for X910

    I have a new X910 with firmware 3.0 already installed. My question is how do you get into the WinCE image to add and remove files like the old F- series. I have an old testmode file, but it doesn't work upon boot up. I don't care to upgrade the WinCe image unless absolutely necessary because I think I'm already on the latest version. There's lots of tutorials on how to upgrade. I just want to get into the thing. Help.
  3. Voice command probs with X910?

    Had the same issue after turning the V/R cataloging off. Once I turned it back on and let the AVIC catalog the ipod the voice commands worked like a charm. Called specific artists and albums. Hope this helps. From main menu: Select Settings > AV Settings > VR Catalog Mode > and cut int on
  4. European Maps with X910BT

    I have the previous version F900 series iGO map updates but they don't seem to work with the new model. I can't get the system to go into Win CE mode upon boot. Is there another boot file I have to download or something. A little help please