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  1. f90bt wont read usb

    Make sure that it is formatted FAT32. Also these things are picky about different brands of flash drives. I had a HP 16GB USB flash drive working great on my unit a while back but I lost the drive and now I'm having trouble finding another one. There used to be a post on this forum somewhere where everyone chimed in with what worked and what didn't. Personally, I am trying to get a San Disk 32GB Flash drive to work. It will work for a while and then starts kicking in and out. I will post back here if i find a modern drive that works. I fear that we are going to be stuck trying to find old drives to work on these units.
  2. F90BT Map update

    Anyone? This unit is pretty close to the same as a F-700 or F-900 to my knowledge. Can you just extract the maps from a newer AVIC unit and just replace the map files?
  3. F90BT Map update

    Hello, I have two f90BT decks that need a map update. What is my update path here? I have 3.0 installed with the bypasses and nag screens disabled. How do i keep my current mods and update only the maps? What are the newest maps for this unit and where do i go to obtain them? THanks
  4. When i play my MP3's in random mode i will get the same songs over and over even though i have hundreds of songs to play. How does one play songs at random with no repeated songs until the list of songs and artists is exhausted? I mean that is the way any other music player functions when you hit random.... Also Has anyone made and progress on the long boot time this unit has, or is turning the key and having music a thing of the past? Thanks alot, Derek S
  5. Testmode file please

    Check out this thread: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=25329
  6. f700bt blank screen

    Check out this thread too: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=25424
  7. f90 fu*ked up plz help

    Also check out this thread: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=25424
  8. Audio cuts out quickly, then back in

    One time i had that problem with my Camaro's stereo and found that one of the tensil leads on a 6X9 speaker was shorting to the chasis of the speaker. Fixed the problem with some electrical tape. Try connecting a speaker directly to the "high" outputs on the deck and see if you hear it cutting out. If you do, you can rule out your speakers and amp(s) and focus on the deck. If you dont hear it, then you will have to work your way on back through the pre-outs, amp, speakers etc.
  9. f90 fu*ked up plz help

    Id try the unofficial update if i was you. viewtopic.php?f=34&t=25751
  10. f700bt blank screen

    Hi, My F90BT did the exact same thing. Check out this thread: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=25751
  11. Another USB problem

    Got a HP 16Gig flash drive- recognized 100% of the time but seems quite a bit slower to load than the San Disk. About the same amount of load time as my 2gig PNY SD card which is unbearably slow to load. Im gonna try some other brands and let ya know
  12. Another USB problem

    What we should do is build a thread people can post their drive makes and models to and make it a sticky. That way, maybe someone else could avoid buying the wrong kind of flash drive
  13. Another USB problem

    Update: Changed cluster size on flash drive to 32K and drive is Recognized but not easily. You have to insert the USB drive connector into the USB cord terminal very slowly and the drive will be recognized and play fine. After it is recognized, you can pop the connector the rest of the way in and wiggle it all over the place and it wont cut out. But, If you reset the deck or turn the car off, you have to do it all over again. I replaced the USB terminal on the end of the AVIC USB cord with a standard USB terminal and you still have to do it the same way. What a pain in the ass! Now i have a 16gig Flash drive for the damn junk drawer... I assumed that a flash drive was a flash drive was a flash drive but apparently this deck is so picky that you have to get a specific brand and model for it to work right Id like to find the bastard(s) that did the piss poor pretesting of this unit and give them a large piece of my mind! This thing shouldnt have left the factory without making sure that the damn thing would at least read 95% of the drives on the market! I love the unit and think it has great potential but wtf! For an $1100 deck (retail); with a year of time to fix these bugs, all i should have had to do was get it out of the box, stick it in my car, download an update or two and be down the road. Sry just had to vent a little. Still wouldn't buy anything but Pioneer Ill let you guys know how my next drive (or drives) work.

    What software is your deck running right now? which version are you trying to install? Have you updated WINCE yet? I ask because i couldn't get mine to work right out of the box. I had to wipe the damn thing clean and start completely over. It wasnt until i updated WINCE that i could do anything with it. Did you get the update from Pioneer or did you download it? I suspect you might have more luck going through the manual update process rather than the auto process. I tried doing it te auto way at first and the deck would just reboot in a loop. Hope maybe i got you pointed in the right direction... good luck