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  1. Video While vehicle is moving

    This bypass works for the 910 too. It works great, just watch the video. I can call dial, watch videos and everything as if I was parked. Let me know if you need help. Good luck
  2. Avic-x910bt bypass

    Might wanna post on this forum. The one you posted on is about bypassing to be able to drive and watch movies. Heres the Problems forum. viewforum.php?f=49
  3. Avic-X910bt with Iphone 3GS

    Btw I tried to make sure there wasnt a thread about this yet. Well I just got my 910 yesterday and I thought I would let you guys know the phonebook transfer worked with my Iphone. I had read before some people were having trouble transferring them. Lmk if you any questions
  4. Avic-x910bt bypass

    I just the exact same thing and about the gps wire having different plugs on it. I just used a small flat head screwdriver and popped up the tabs holding the wire on the connector and just swapped them. Seems to be working fine. Just thought I would give you guys a heads up
  5. A bigger knob

    Just making sure these are still avail before I paypal you, and is it possible to remove them. I know you said the dont come off but, Im mean really...never?