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  1. Avic-x910bt bypass

    Hey guys, just finished installing an AVIC-x910bt and the bypass works the same as the AVIC-f900bt. This radio is what the F series should have been. Works so much better and faster!!!!
  2. Avic N3 with cd ib100II weird problem..

    how can we go back to the older version to see if thats the prob?
  3. Avic N3 with cd ib100II weird problem..

    30 gig video ipod. always worked perfect before..
  4. Avic N3 with cd ib100II weird problem..

    I think it might be with the latest firmware I upgraded to last night. any ideas on how to go back to the old firmware on itunes?
  5. I connect my wife's ipod to the unit and it works flawlessly, then I disconnect it and connect mine and the pioneer acts like there is no ipod. It wont charge my ipod or say the pioneer screen on the ipod. I then connect my wife's back and it works fine? Any tips? I tried restoring/ reseting my ipod.
  6. Bypass AVIC-Z2

    the CNDV-700HD disc is available and does convert the z2 to the two wire bypass.. It does work.. I saw it yesterday here in a local store.
  7. Bypass AVIC-Z2

    hey guys, if any of you can try this to see if I'm not crazy. One of my installers here called me and said that they GROUNDED the illumination wire and the unit is working in the bypass mode.. I have not seen this or can confirm, but was wondering if one of you can try this.. thanks and take care..