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  1. Trying to figure out what's possible with the rear screen. I'd like to be able to see the reverse camera and the display from Apple Carplay on it. The manual says but the only time I can get mirroring to work is when I play something off a USB stick (probably DVDs as well but I haven't tried). Is it possible to get a true mirror of the front display? Any hacks? Explanation: I want to install this in a 2012 Honda Odyssey. The original radio has controls down low and a display screen at the top of the dash (see pic below; mine doesn't have nav but the layout is the same). The replacement radio would mount down low; way too low to be safe or useful for mapping or a reverse camera. I'd like to connect the Honda's built-in (front) screen as the rear display and then direct all video there in addition to the main screen, so it would be usable. Actually I'd have to replace the top screen with one with a composite video input, but that's a relatively trivial exercise.