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  1. Lol ok... I have installed them with my avic-z3 and it worked fine, it is in the same car setup the same way, same connections... Not sure why it would operate different on the z 120bt... But I will look at it again.
  2. The install directions are lame, there are only 2 wires... Red and black.. I tried connecting them to the backup light in the trunk, it is working because when I put it bin reverse when I have the rear view mode on and I put it in reverse the camera comes on... It just does not come on automatically when you put it in reverse.
  3. I am trying to install a pioneer bc4, I tried hooking it up to the reverse light on both ground and on positive and it does not work when I go in reverse. It does show up whe I select rear view though.. Any ideas?
  4. Z120BT $797.75 After MIR

    I did same thing, great deal!
  5. New Z120BT. Sirius or XM?

    Sound quality is much better, more bandwidth. XM sats are lower in the sky and reception is not as good as a result.
  6. a bit confused on hard bypass

    Same here, I thought I was going crazy, the yellow wire was in Pin 4, but not making contact. Take it out squeeze it a little and try again. I also had to ground green paking brake wire.
  7. What is IDT_v3.5?

    I hit a link that had this torrent. IS this the same as v3.0?