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  1. AVIC "F" Series Bypass (Picture Guide)

    you DO NOT have to separate grounds. i was concerned when i did mine last week due to all of the inaccurate information by people posting you do have to separate. i connectred both the PB lead and the relocated mute wire to the ground wire used for the radio. 3 grounds together = 0 problems
  2. x710 install - orange light lead

    THanks so much for the info. i suspected teh day night mode would not do this based on what the user's manual said. i kind of annoyed best buy did not run this lead even though i paid full price for install. i am going to install the new unit myself. thanks again.
  3. x710 install - orange light lead

    The instructions tell me to hook this up to the light block. DOes anyone know exactly what this accomplishes? i see my prior install by best buy of my f700 did not hook this up. I was alway unhappy that i had to manually dim the screen at night. i know there is a night/day setting, but i have never seen a big difference (maybe because this lead was never hooked up?) if i hook this up to the headlight juice, will it dim the screen automatifcally? I called pioneer 2x and asked and could not get a good answer. i am asking here becasue i am sure you guys know more than they do. I fi hook it to the dimmer part of the light block will that dim the screen? or does it just automaticaly swithc it to night mode where i never saw a big difference, and did i not see a difference because it was never hooked up and made this feature disabled? any suggestions woul dbe appreciated.
  4. x710 vs f700

    I see someone asked this already, but no one replied. will the parking brake bypass for the 700 work for the 710?
  5. x710 install

    I am upgrading from a f700bt to an x710bt. It looks like I can use the same wiring harness, but Pioneer, nor best buy, who installed the 700 say they can say for sure. I downloaded the install manual and it looks like the radio will match up to what I have in my dash. I wanted to try to save the install fee since best buy already did the hard work of running the XM, antenna, iPod connectors Will I be able to just "plug n play"?