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  1. Does anyone know if the Avic-8200NEX is compatible with the SR-CD11 or SR-CD110 steering wheel remote? My old Land Cruiser has no steering wheel controls and the stereo is damn near on the passenger side of the cabin!
  2. BT Audio on a Z3?

    My d3 was stolen yesterday and I just bought a z3 on eBay. I can't find any info that tells me I can stream pandora with bt audio with the z3. I read that you can't do it with the z1 or z2. I'm using an iPhone 4s ( not sure if that matters.) I would like to know fow sure before I install it, because it will be for sale if it won't.do it. I will just get the z130bt. Also, will my cd-btb200 Bluetooth adapter work with the z3 or will I have to get a different model adapter? Thanks!
  3. Splash Screen Help...

    I created a cutom splash screen about a year ago that has my name, tel number, and license plate. Well, Im selling the stereo today and I need to remove my info from that image. Unfortunately, I cant get to the files on the HD. It is an unlocked drive with 2010 maps. It runs fine while in the Z3, but It only clicks when I install it into a HD enclosure to connect it USB to my computer. Am I missing something here?
  4. Splash Screen Help...

    Nevermind. I needed to use a powered hard drive enclosure
  5. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to AVIC Z3 w/2010 Maps

    You guys need to SEED! Its going to toake me a month to download that torrent
  6. BT Audio on a Z3?

    It works perfectly. Just hit the "band" button on the Ext 1.screen and it moves over to bt audio.
  7. I verified the the ip bus cables are correct. 04 gmc Yukon with Bose. I'm using a metro gmos-04 adapter to retain the factory door chime and Bose system. No other amps. Radio, cd, and hdd work fine. It's just Bluetooth and iPod that has no audio. The ip bus cables are correct. The nav looks to be working now. I reset all the calibration and I'm driving on the correct streets now.
  8. I just bought a z3 on eBay and installed it. Ii installed the iPod, xm, and Bluetooth modules and I'm having issues. I can connect my iPhone via Bluetooth, but there is no audio The stereo is playing music on the iPod and I see the song data on the screen, but there is no audio I guess it doesn't see the xm receiver, because I get no signal or radio ID on the xm status screen. The nav iss way off. It shows me driving a half mile from the road I'm actual ly driving on. Any help would be great. Thanks!!!