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  1. I don't know why it would do this but since I have updated my my to 2011 with CNSD-210FM my GPS is not recalculating my destination if I make a wrong turn or decide to take an alternate route ! I have look at all the settings and contrary to other GPS it doesn't seem to be an option for that.. Is this a bug with the update ? Anyone here having the same issue ?
  2. So I finally updated my X920BT and everything work perfectly when I finally understood the process... The first stepmis to upgrade the unit to version 2.04: This is achieve by downloading the official 2.03 update from the Pioneer site and applyingnthe patch to it (replacingbthe 2 files). Put that update with the patch on a SD card and reboot, the system will update to version 2.04 Next is to update the maps: To do this, take the SD1 dir from the update file and put that on a SD (needs to be 4gb) insert SD like normal and the system will ask a few questions say yes/ok to all and once you are presented with a question for the password type the following on screen PASSWORDPASSWORD and hit ok. Should take about 22min to update and restart... Now to update the Bluetooth: Ttake the SD2 directory and put it on a SD (1gb is sufficient), insert that card (nothing will happen) and go into the bluetooth settings on the unit and then press firmware update to start that update it will then update the unit to 3.22
  3. Hey guys is it normal that SD1 folder is a little bit larger than 3 gb? I remember reading that we need a 2 gb card for the update.
  4. X920BT to X940BT

    I've look and have not found any information on how to perform the upgrade of an X920BT to a X940Bt, as it been done yet ? Please let me know where to find more info about this. Regards,
  5. Iphone4 and 920bt

    Not the same but similar issue, on mine when my Iphone 4 connects none of the contact icons are active (Transfer Contact, or Contact) bith are grey out. I have seen at a couple occasion the "Tranfert Contact" icon becoming active just after my phone connects but then goes back grey. The phone works fine through the radio, I can initiate and receive call through the Avic, can even play music via bluetooth, I have tried "un-pairing" and "re-pairing"the phone and no change. Allso checked the Bluetooth setting of the phone, it sees the Pioneer AVIC and if I go in the details everything regarding contact is enabled. Any idea what this could be ? PS I have not done 2.003 update yet..
  6. Another installation question

    I happen to be troubleshooting a little rattle comming from one of my left side speakers and realized something.... When my balance is completely to the right I had no more sub comming out at all, so I thought I either had a burnt fused or a disconected wire on one of the amps. So I took my setup appart to realized that the AVICs use a stereo output for the subwoofer, even though the signal is probably a single channel with relly no difference for left or right. But in my car (mustang with shaker 500) I had connected the 2 sub inputs from the PAC module to the 2 sub output of the radio thinking that's how it was supposed to be. After following the wires I realized that one of the PAC RCA wire goes the the factory sub connector but there is nothing on the other side of that connector, no wire at all. Looking at the Mustang wiring diagram I realizd than 1 RCA connector feeds the sub for the Shaker 500 (front) and the other feeds the sub for the shaker 1000 (trunk), wich I don't have. They are mono. So my question is should I just leave one output from the AVIC (right side) connected to my sub or should I use a "Y" adaptor to feed right and left signal to my only sub ? So far, other than having no sub output if my balance is completely on the right, the sub output seems fine. But I'm concerned of not getting the full signal to my sub by only using one channel. On the other end I don't want to damage my unit by using a "Y" adaptor if I don't need it. PS I have looked in the installation notes and there's no reference regarding using a "Y" adaptor for mono subs.... Thanks for your feedback
  7. App mode on new screens

    In the tech video they mention the navigation units require the CD-IU51V not th 50
  8. App mode on new screens

    Me too I have the CD-IU50V cable and I'm sure that's what was recommended to use on their website last year when I bought my unit. Strange !!! +++++++ Update: It's confirmed, I just opened my installation instructions from my unit and it's clearly stating to use the CD-IU50V even the Pioneer website suggest to get the CD-IU50V not the CD-IU51V.... Pioneer should replace our cables free of cherge for the CD-IU51V !
  9. Noise in Backuo camera image

    I don't think mine has infrared. I have the ground loop isolator from my PAC module, I will give it a try.
  10. I just installed my backup camera on my X920BT, I have bought a Boyo VTL375 and I have a small issue. When I turn the lights ON there's lines scrolling in the screen.. I tried grounding to chassis the shield from the video cable but no luck still having interferences, then I tested to see if it was the radio suffering from this interference or the camera by connect the camera to a small battery and the lines dissapeared. It's seems that my HID's are causing garbage on the 12v. How can I filter this ? Thanks,
  11. Ignition Mod on F900BT?

    Again, just to clarify something, using a CAP on the ACC line only solve the issue related to the lost of the ACC when starting it does not resolve the voltage dropping below 10 volts issue ? And also to validate, if I read correctly the voltage drop is critical on the ACC line as well as on the constant power input, both need to stay higher then 10.5v ? Also to add a delay to the ACC input on the AVIC.PDF circuit, can't we simply add a diode and a capacitor at the base of Q1 to maintain it alive a couple of seconds while the car is cranking ? (T= 3*R*C, so a 2200uF would give us around a 6 seconds delay)
  12. 910BT rebooting broblem

    Are you by any chance driving a Mustang with a Shaker system ? If it's the cas look at my post in this thread for the solution http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/29331-new-radio-keeps-resetingrestarting-when-bass-is-turned-up/page__st__30
  13. Keep in mind that this only apply to reboot due to playing music at high volume.... You will also note that the person that did validate the solution works for PAC in the R&D group (poster Iskwezm) I don't know if it's permitted here, but here is the link to the original thread from the Mustang Forum: http://mustangforums.com/forum/audio-visual-electronics/622606-06-pac-c2r-frd1-wiring-harness-help.html Solution is on page 3...
  14. X920 and PAC module

    Thanks, that make sense and it explains why it's only rated 1 amps. PS. for those that had issues with he reboot using a PAC module, it's not power related. look at my post on page 3 of this thread. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/29331-new-radio-keeps-resetingrestarting-when-bass-is-turned-up/page__st__30 Dean