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  1. New skin for Avic s2 http://letitbit.net/download/638bfad07d/sborka.7z.html operating instructions !!! Always store everything that is on the SD card!!! Format the card or simply remove from it all. Archive unpack. Add the navigation software in a folder Navi. All except the file SystemInformation32.exe transfer to the root of the SD card. Add the navigation software in a folder Navi. In navi.ini check the path to exe-file navigation program and their name. Rights normally notepad. Make a hard reset. Use. Description and discussion here. http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&a
  2. discussion here http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=46354&view=findpost&p=887967 original My Flash Disk http://letitbit.net/download/0103.ab0d52c1179b26b1498caf00e/My_Flash_Disk.zip.html
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    See here, but in Russian. http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=46354&view=findpost&p=887967 There is an English-speaking topic, can answer http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=130284&view=findpost&p=3014479 Help me please! I need service manual for AvicS2, tell me where to download? please!
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