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  1. Nexus 5

    Hi, what cables do you need to hook up the Nexus to appradio? I was told the cd-ah200 isn't compatible...Thanks in advance!
  2. When I click on bluetooth icon it says no service? Everything else works when streaming from phone. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. Anti-glare for screen

    Anyone use a good anti-glare protector? The screen is virtually unusable when it is sunny..
  4. Track log

    "caution: track log memory is 90% full" Anyone come across this message?
  5. What Bluetooth functions does it support ?

    Yeah, I was wondering this too. Unfortunately. USB is the only way to go. I too would like to listen to my music "wireless". I wonder if theres a way to add A2DP?
  6. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    Is it worth the $100?
  7. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    well, it says 2010 Telenav update so it should have alot more than the pre-installed maps...
  8. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    why do you think it was so cheap?
  9. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    yeah, it's a deal compared to just buying the POI's for $100...it's about time they updated the maps, i never thought it would happen since they were going to phase out this model... I will be getting this update for sure!
  10. Tips and Tricks to make U310BT better and stable

    Did 1.00004 just come out? I thought 1.00003 was the last & latest? What does 1.00004 update?
  11. Day/Night mode

    Yes, I already tried this "automatic" and it only stays "day" never changes...
  12. Day/Night mode

    How do you switch from day to night mode automatically? I tried doing it manually but it only stays on the bright day setting...
  13. installing one in a 04 subaru 2.5rs help

    Yes, you will need a dash kit...Metra should have one for your model.
  14. Detachable Screen Case?

    no it doesn't come with one...have you tried google?
  15. GPS Antenna Location

    thanks for the input guys...has anyone installed theirs under the dash above the receiver? I'd like to have the antenna out of view...