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  1. Frequent low battery message

    May be you want to calibrate the battery once? Let it rundown completely once, and charge again. Normally it is not a good idea to drain the Li-Ion or Lipo batteries, but for calibration puposes, it may be useful.
  2. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    I really do not know how upto date are maps though. Mine I bought in late 2009 and it can not even find the addresses from 2005. If not for iPhone in the hand, I could have lost forever with the maps and direction provided by this GPS.
  3. Pioneer just sent an email about the availability of new 2010 Maps and additional POI in single SD card. Not sure howmany will buy this at $120, but it seems it is better option than just buying POIs for $100. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/ ... 130FM.Shop
  4. Microphone quality

    Yes, the Pioneer is almost useless, and garmin microphone is usable and good. This is the one I bought http://www.frys.com/product/4865730 But, it seems same one sold by Amazon and several other vendors. If you see the shape you will recognize it (Kenwood, Clarion, Parrot all use same Microphone). Thanks
  5. U310BT Won't read SD Cards

    You mentioned you loaded TTS files? what TTS files you loaded? Do you any better ones you can share with us? Thanks
  6. Problems W/ Iphone update OS.4?

    I did update my 3GS with OS 4.0. First time I tried HU gave me Error 19. So, I had to reboot the iPhone( Hold the iPhone power button until the SLIDER SHOWS on screen to TURN OFF). Once rebooted, there were no problems, everything worked as usual. It seems it is not specific to Pioneer HU.
  7. How bad is the U310BT?

    I have been using it for almost 10 months. For the current price it is going, it is really enticing( ofcourse there is a reason why it is being sold so low). It depends on what priorities you have. Boot time is not a problem for this unit, because unit always goes into Standby ( Suspend to RAM) mode. No GPS: POIs, No Gas Stations, No Restaurants. The routing itself is not bad, but the Navigation database is worst. It does not even have the addresses of 6+ years old communities, not even major Bus routes. If you are lucky enough to find the address you are looking, then it may be reasonably good. You can not bypass any roads on the route. Depending on road you are ( esp any State Highways) it does not even show the exit numbers, no cross street info. Latency, and wrong location are not uncommon, so it is not wise to depend on this for any downtown travel. Music: It is good, except you can not play from SD card. The screen usage is very in-efficient, can only show 3 lines from usb/iPhone/iPod/CD. Using the Joystick control is tricky, esp while driving it may drive you nuts... Bluetooth, be ready to replace the supplied mic, but overall quality is ok(not bad), but not as good as many OEM solutions. Do not expect unit to use as portable GPS, as it is not( GPS is in main head unit, not in detachable unit). Even with all this problems, I think it is still $250 worth ( vs $400 I spent).
  8. GPS Antenna Location

    That is exactly I said. The antenna is mounted out of sight above the receiver. Check my thread with lots of Photos on how it is mounted. viewtopic.php?f=52&t=27070 Thanks
  9. GPS Antenna Location

    I installed mine (GPS Antenna) under center speaker plastic cap in Kia Rondo( My Model does not have center speaker). Check my posting about Kia Rondo install. You may be able find similar spot in your car too. In my install Microphone is mounted over top of the rear view mirror, and will be only visible it looked carefully.
  10. Microphone quality

    It is behind the radio, and do not think Microphone can be replaced without taking out the head unit, unless you have open access to area behind the head unit. ( most cars do not).
  11. MP3 files on USB stick

    I also felt, it is coming in Random, but I have not looked into it. Let me check some time this week and see if it is different from your unit(which I doubt). It could be the trick for Pioneer to push the people buy expensive units, like can not Play music from SD card etc.
  12. navi freezing

    Nice summary. I think you described problem pretty good. Once it goof up the calculation of go-ordinates on the map, it sticks to its guns and continue unless we re-dock it again. I do not think it has anything to do with where we park. It happend few times at home, and office and sometimes in open parking lots with clear skys. I am pretty sure it is a software screw up by Pioneer. I would assume they would fix these kind of things in immediately following releases atleast, but I am not seeing solution anytime soon.
  13. Can't make any Calls

    Can you check to see if have latest firmware? If not upgrade it first. The check to see if everything works fine with another phone, the try your Black Berry. Not all Mobile Phones works with all bluetooth devices ( in theory they should, but not in practise).
  14. U310BT Opinion

    I think you see same issue, which I see as issues. As mentioned in several posts, What were they thinking screwing with POIs? What's up with removing Restaurants, and Gas stations which is most widely used and minimum required? Some brain dead move by Pioneer. And then Customer POI!!, exactly what were they thinking? just 100? that too not searchable? And another blunder, the Screen is already small, and they could not use even screen area effectively, like using it to List the songs(just 3 lines?), and selecting contacts while driving!!! Can we even do that? And another bone-head move, the Knob, how do they think it would be usable while driving?
  15. Fade audio during navigation prompt?

    If you select ATT, it reduces the volume of the music(does not pause the music), and that is what I have been using. Some people want it to pause music, but this only lowers the volume which I think is just fine.