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  1. Hey everyone So I updated the software on my U310BT, and now apparently it needs the kmode wire grounded, so I can use the GPS functions while moving. I'm not entirely sure how to do this, as my unit was installed at the store, and they did the parking brake bypass there. I had a look at the harness and the diagram: There is no wire at all in my harness for slot 13. So do I just attach a wire, and tie it in to the black GND wire? Or do I attach a wire from slot 13 any other metal component that can serve as a ground? I'm pretty good with electronics, but not too clear on this. Thanks
  2. Yes it happens in motion. Hmm I didn't ground the k-mode pin, I may have to look in to that. I will try it with the 2009 maps, and report back. I was also going to try a custom GPS app and see it that helps.
  3. Yeah so this greyed out button problem seems to be ongoing to the extent I can't use the GPS at all. The unit will not let me input an address, the address button along with others in the GPS menu are greyed out. And sometimes when I am able to press the address button, I start entering the address, then it will grey out and not let my continue to enter the street info. Nothing seems to resolve this, other than waiting for it to become un-greyed out. Even pulling the face plate out and putting it back, resetting the unit, turning off the car, etc, nothing stops it from happening again. Any ideas?
  4. Pionara, I tried just the 2010 maps option, and that fixed the wrong street and city names issue! The only other bugs I've experienced so far have been: - Sometimes it won't let me input a search address, the option is greyed out - The screen that comes up that lets me choose between the navigation, phone, and apps will appear for a split second, then it will revert back to the GPS screen. If I hit settings fast enough and go back, it will stay on the navigation/phone/apps screen (These may be just Pioneer bugs, not because of your modifications) - And the music player interface is still rubbish, I hoped Pioneer would improve it, but no. Is there a good custom music player app? Like with a song search option, or more utilization of the touch screen? Like one on a smartphone?
  5. Hey thanks for the follow up. I just exchanged that Patriot one for a Kingston 32GB, and so far no errors at all I think the head unit just didn't agree with the Patriot one so it's all good.
  6. It's a Patriot brand. The brands I've had no problems with are Sandisk Cruzers, and Kingston, so hopefully I can find one of those. My unit doesn't play videos, so I can't try with that. I'm going to take it back and exchange it, and report back with my findings. Thanks
  7. Thanks pionara for this. I just updated mine last night, and the update loaded fine. I opted for the hybrid 2010/2011 option. I'm having the same problem that someone else mentioned, where the cities are coming up wrong. It says I live in a completely different city, but the maps are correct. I think it has something to do with replacing all those IDX files. Has there been any updates on this issue since? Otherwise I may have to stick with the 2010 maps. I'm mostly interested in having the Canada maps. So all those folders that have the info for the US, is there any way to tell which folder is for where? It's a pain to replace every single file in all those folders just to see if it will work or not. Thanks.
  8. It happens to every song randomly. It may play for a few minutes or even a few tracks, then it errors out. I did a format, and also I played music off of it on my PC, and there were no issues. This makes me think it's the u310bt that doesn't support a 32GB card. Yesterday I did update the unit to the latest firmware and maps, I'm yet to try the USB stick again, but I will tonight.
  9. Hey everyone I just got a new 32BG USB stick for my u310bt In the middle of a song, the unit's track info display will blank out, and it will say "error-19" It won't resume playing until I remove the USB stick and re-insert it. Here's what it says in the manual: "Disconnect the USB device and do not use it, turn the ignition switch to off, then to ACC or on, and connect a compliant USB storage device" Maybe my USB stick is defective? I had no problems copying files to it from windows. And they are the same files that were on my 16GB stick I upgraded from. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. My unit will all of a sudden shut off while driving. It's only happened twice so far. It sits in limbo for a while then reboots itself, and I have to put my settings back in. as anyone else experienced this? I do have the latest firmware upgrade.
  11. Hey everyone, I seem to get the "Low battery, shutting down system" message often when I connect my unit to the dash. I realize it doesnt really matter about a low battery since the unit will be connected and it should be charging while it's in use. I do have the latest firmware which sure improved the unit overall. When I check the battery level with the unit detached, it always seems to be around 3/4 full or full. Sometimes I will take the unit and let it charge with the USB cable connected to my computer. It just seems silly to have to do because essentially it should be charging / charged if I use it in my car everyday. I do have the faceplate's switch is set to off, so when it's detached, it's not on. This is more of an annoyance than anything, but has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas? Thanks
  12. I find it will resume my mp3 files, but it seems to back track 30 seconds to one minute. Not a big deal really
  13. MP3 files on USB stick

    The problem I have is not with full albums, those seem to order themselves properly. It's when I have a folder of just random mp3 singles is where the issues happen. They arent named 01- 02- 03- etc, they are just 'Artist - Track Name.mp3.' Logic would dictate they would order A-Z regardless of when I add them to the folder, but that just isnt happening. I add a new song, it either appends to the end of the list, or it goes somewhere in between, the systems got a mind of its own. From what you said in the previous post, froghawk79, they are ordered based on the original folder they came from. My files are from all types of folders and I add and remove songs all the time from my PC. I love that ability on a usb drive, rather than making a whole new CD each time. Are you suggesting I have to put all the songs I want in a folder on my computer, called 'R&B singles' for instance, THEN copy the folder itself onto the drive?? Seems redundant every time I want to switch up the songs.
  14. MP3 files on USB stick

    Wow that is more work than just finding the damn song even though its in the wrong order. But thanks for the suggestion.
  15. RGB Illumination

    All I did was take a picture of my dash at night to capture the illumination color, then load the picture in photoshop and use the eye dropper to find the RGB values. It was close enough