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  1. I owned Pioneer 710bt in a previous car. I now have a new car (10 months old) with the stock radio (non-navi). I'm hooked on Sirius/XM, but am interested in a Navi/Carplay unit. One thing I can not find info on is how Sirius works when you are in Carplay mode with an iPhone. From the videos I've seen, it appears as if Carplay takes over control of the screen and head unit. Is it possible to play Sirius (satellite, not the app) while in Carplay mode using maps, for example? How does carplay interact/work with other Pioneer functions? Easy to switch back and forth? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi all, I have an X910BT that I purchased about 4 years ago. I did install a hack package of some type from this site when i got it and it has been running fine since then. it still has the original map files. Can anyone bring me up to speed and point me in the right direction on what can be done with this model? If I remember correctly, the X910 can use the hacks for one of the Z series models? Which models do I look for to get files/hacks for the 910? Any caveats on upgrading an older model hardware-wise? The boot up on the 910 is slow, taking about 20-30 seconds to get past the boot screen. I guess this is a hardware limitation? Any other advice, directions, pointers, shortcuts to get me up to speed on bringing this model into 2014? I'd like map updates. I still get a warning screen when I switch to/from AV1 input (for my bluetooth receiver). Or is it time to upgrade to a newer model? Thanks for any advice.
  3. NEW PHOTO FIXED: Pandora / Pioneer iTouch 4G Install

    Tethering an iPod touch via MyWi on an iPhone does work just fine. I did this all the time with my previous JBd iPhone 3G. The MyWi app drains the heck out of the battery, and I could never get WEP (no WPA option) working consistently, so I always left it open. The new MyWi has some power/range/battery settings, but I never upgraded.
  4. I installed this on my x910, very straightforward, and I like the nav layout. I have noticed that it does not seem to remember my MUTE selection for the nav voice. When I power off, it defaults to voice. The stock unit would remember this setting. Is this normal, or is there a setting I missed?
  5. X920BT on Amazon Gold Box deal

    for $699 right now.
  6. Anywhere to buy security cover?

    I finally got this in. It looks pretty nice, considering it's function is to look like a cheap CD player. It includes a suction cup which secures it to the screen (not sure I'll use this). It appears to have enough clearance for the volume knob on the 910, and is about 1/2" deep. However, the perimeter 'lip' is too wide for my Xterra (Frontier) opening, so I'll have to do some work (trimming or bending) to get it to fit. I'll post pics if anyone is interested.
  7. Is this category really needed?

    Are you saying that there are too many subforums on here? If so, I totally agree. 3 subs for the X, when most of the topics are also applicable in the F subs. It is too difficult to find info, especially with the wiki being incomplete.
  8. Where did you buy yours?

    Is this true about the warranty? I purchased from Amazon (Prime-eligible), but fulfillment was from Electronica Direct. The Electronica Direct info on Amazon states that all items they sell are brand new with full manufacturers' warranties. Should I be concerned if I ever had a problem and needed warranty service?
  9. x910bt not showing street names ?

    I changed to 2D and they work. Not as cool looking, but functional.
  10. Wow, baffling. I have no idea on the FW or serial (it is my daughter's) but I'll check as soon as I can for ya.
  11. Anywhere to buy security cover?

    I ordered on of these: http://www.xtrons.com/doce/productdetail.aspx?pid=41 I'll post when I get it as to the fit. The volume knob on the x910 is a concern.
  12. I checked, our 32gb touch 3G works fine.
  13. Oh, sorry. I'm using a extra second-gen 8GB touch which I leave in the car. We also have a 3rd-gen 32gb touch, but I haven't tried it with the ipod input. I'll do this tonight and let you know what it does.
  14. Also, regarding cables, I ordered a cheap generic one from amazon and it worked just fine...until I ripped the plug off while trying to route it through a panel in my car! So I got a real apple one locally. $75 in cables, ughh.
  15. That's discouraging. Hopefully someone with a large ipod will chime in. I use an 8gb touch and it works fine except about 1 out of 20 starts I have to unplug/plug the ipod in to get it to recognize.