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  1. Frequent low battery message

    I got this a lot when it was really horribly cold out. Once the interior of the car heated up a bit, the problem went away. Now mind you this was just during a few absolutely record low temp days.
  2. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    Well I ordered the update. What a PITA. The multi step clear as mud directions sucked. Were it not for the posts in this thread I'd have had considerably more problems than I had. FWIW, the currently shipping SD card IS correct in terms of it's version data. The business of having to manually download the POI stuff and put that on a separate card was an epic fail on PIoneer's part. As for the POI data itself? Nearly useless. Search for fast food near me, and expect to see McDonalds, Wendy's, Subway etc, and get one off local places I've never heard of and I've lived here 20 years. So ok what the hell, I'll search for McDonalds by name as per the manual. It finds "John McDonald Water Purfication Accessories" or something like that 465 miles away. Stuff that still sucks: Can't pause the iPod without multiple "center" button pushes on the joystick and selecting the "function" menu, which is practially impossible when driving as every time you hit a bump in the road you can't get the center push to be read correctly. Epic fail. Seeing the list of directions when driving still requires way too damn much ui navigation. They could learn a thing or two from Garmin. Gas milage entry: Obtuse at best. Every time you use it it gives you a dialog that no data has been entered, do you wish to continue? What UI moron came up with that? Of course there's no data entered, so why bring up a dialog box. Documentation: über epic fail. Upgrade process was incredibly unclear, and required garnering information from the upgrade kit, the PDF manual, and two separate trips to the website. My "favorite" insult of the process was the bluetooth upgrade. The documentation tells you to consult Pioneer's website to check your phone to see if you need to install the upgrade, and the "link" they gave you was to "http://www.pioneer.com". How about a link to the page in question? After 10 minutes of searching the site (no luck) I rolled the dice and just did the upgrade anyway, figuring since I have an iPhone 4, it should be current. I was lucky. So in summary: Pioneer's support sucks as bad now as it did when I was an Elite dealer 20+ years ago. They haven't learned anything. Oh well, at least I now have maps that are only 6 months out of date.
  3. Ok, I've tried two different cards, formatted both several times, and have tried loading POI files from the feeds app (what a poorly written POS that is), with no luck whatsoever. Likewise I've tried putting the TTS voice files on the same cards, no luck there either. And finally, I tried putting the firmware update files on them, still with no luck. For whatever reason, it appears as though the unit refuses to acknowledge the presence of SD cards. I've tried formatting them on multiple computers, with 3 different card readers. In all cases, the cards show up fine with the files on them to any computer I try (including Macs). Any ideas as to what may be wrong here?