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  1. F9210BT Backup files needed!

    Good news, I have transferred some file from a f920bt and the unit is working again. If anyone need the files to i have a mega link with the files. P.S. it is the EU version of the files i don't know if this makes a difference. I hope this can help other people. https://mega.nz/#!RM010ZzR!KaS0xzWJfsWorCcFt_lcw6iK4cUmYfuTelq8Hr9icOc
  2. Hi everybody ! I also fell in the condi trap(wanted to remove password) but my problems are getting bigger. With my big fingers i accidentally deleted de prg0 and prg1. Does someone has a full backup of the system?? I tried to find some but coudn't find it. i know it is an older system but i really like it. Please Help! hanks in advance
  3. Oops overlooked some topic's. No still can't be done.
  4. Is there a way to install Daftia's mod on a f920bt or a similar mod. Or is there still no mod for this system available. Can't find anything in the forum about this.
  5. After reinstall with the cnsd-100fm everything is ok again. I'll install the maps later on. Strange thing was that my phone was still programmed somewere.
  6. Bluetooth Update Failed

    i'm having the same problem here after map update! Only it says it after a few seconds. Did a reinstall still nothing. Help?????
  7. nope, maby reinstall?? edit: i noticed that when i check the bleutooth software via the software update button that there is no version found ! I did a reinstall ( daftia's mod) but still no bluetooth software found. I downloaded the official firmware for bluetooth (2.90 & 3.30) but it won't let it install gives an error so it abort's. I will try the official software install cnsd-100fm tomorrow. I will let you know what happens.
  8. Reset with the switch? Cause i'd already tried to reset to factory settings and reset user settings by software and that didn't work.
  9. In dutch :Nou heb ik de kaarten aan de gang. Maar nu doet bleutooth het niet meer. f900bt vind telefoon niet en andersom ook helemaal niks meer. Iemand een idee? In englisch: I've got the maps working but now has bleutooth stopt working. f900bt can't find phone and visa versa. Does anyone have an idea ?
  10. Yup, Got them I'll giva it a go saturday
  11. Crap! Files are removed from rapid share. I only need part 2 and 5. Are the mega upload files the same ?
  12. I have some additional voices laying around that are from a diffrent igo nav system can i install these on a f900bt? Can i just copy them to the apl2/igo/content/voice map or do i have to change a ini file or some sort ? BTW i have Daftia's mod v2.3 installed. Thanks in advance
  13. This has worked for me. Thanks DUDE !