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  1. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    Thanks StefanSki After I did what you said instead of what I thought you said. Everything went fine.
  2. Z110BT USA Upgrade with CSND-210FM (2011)

    Better late than never? Did shortfuse ever recieve anything for his work in the first hack?
  3. Step by step update from z110bt to z120bt

    Thanks SHORTFUSE Everything worked great Note: Bluetooth must be turned on to update
  4. CNSD-110FM USA SD Card Torrent (2010)

    Thanks MK
  5. 110FM Update for 124.49 SHIPPED expires 8-28-10

    Darn no good for me
  6. Weird - my Z110 works with a 250GB Portable HDD

    My Hitachi 1tb drive works but what good does it do with the 2500 cap. Does the 120 have the same file cap?
  7. Rebadged PAC SWI-PS 1.6.7

    Amazon I ordered it before I found Avic411.Amazon did not give it a version # and at the time I didnt realize there were different versions. Before I installed everything I read the posts here and then found out I needed the 168.I just looked at the sticker and said "Hey I'm good to go". Strange feeling of being relieved I didnt screw up and pissed the heck off pac would pull this stuff to sell the older models. Oh well next install if I ever do onother one.Read up on all I need and read up some more.
  8. First-Thanks eveyone for all the info you guys have given me on my install. Was tring to program my 2010 Audi A3 last night for 2 hours with no luck.I've done older vehicles before but never one with steering whell controls and the can bus crap.In other words I was scared to death I'd screw something up. Any way,tried several times to program the pac and at the end it would blink several times and then cause the radio volume to rise to max.Was about ready to give up till I saw another sticker under the one that said "Version 1.6.8" Under 168 sticker was a 1.6.7 one.So if you have Voice on steering wheel check that out before you go thru what I did.