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  1. SOLVED - had to tear apart the dash and reset the XM tuner.
  2. Recently I was going to reactivate my XM account, and needed my receiver number whenI noticed the XM source selection was no longer on the menu. I don't see anywhere in settings that will search for sources, and did the 'Restore Factory Settings' which only worked for the system volume/splash screen. I also disconnected the battery overnight, and reset methods 1 (battery disconnect),2 (basic settings),3(clear user information), and 4(reset) from the manual with no results. An email to Pioneer support over a week ago has had no response. Has anyone else had an issue with AV source buttons
  3. Blake, Smoke, Ron, netz, everyone...thanks! The instructions in this forum were simple and clear. This latest link worked like a champ. Did the install today, upgraded from factory original to v7.0 and BT v3.32. Still didn't fix my bluetooth connection which has never worked for android; now my phone tells me 'incorrect password' instead of just 'can not pair'. I'll keep working on that. Recap: 8gb micro sd; FAT32 format; load and run shortfuse hack; get correct cardinfo file for x920bt; download link above; replace hack on sd card with cardinfo file, firmware folder, and update folder; r
  4. Hi Guys, Looking for some help here before I pull the unit (X920BT) out of the dash. My installer never hooked up my vehicles antenna (08 GMC Sierra), which hasn't been a big deal with XM and my iPod hooked up, but I want it now. I will be installing an aux input in AV2 like I saw in another thread as well. The manual shows an MSN Direct tuner (ND-MDT10, $110!!) is required as an interface. Does anyone have an alternative solution? Thanks.
  5. Hi guys, I have a bone stock X920BT, no map or firmware updates since I bought it. I have downloaded and run the ShortFuse Hack, and downloaded the Z110Z120X920CARDINFO.zip. Can anyone re-link the 2017 update? I'd be willing to donate for your time and effort. Like zoom says, the google drive link is empty. If no one has the update anymore, does anyone have experience dealing with avicfix? https://www.avicfix.com/2017-map-upgrade-pioneer-avic-x920bt-z110bt-z120bt/ Thanks all for putting out all this out there.
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