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  1. iPod working on right channel only

    i really should've read through the threads instead of posting mine but now that i see multiple people are having this problem i'd assume this would be the cable did everyone thats having the problem buy their cable from overseas somwhere on ebay for really cheap?
  2. Pioneer iPod Cables Purchased On eBay

    Thanks i'm new here and purchased a cable off ebay it was unable to play video and only played on the right side speakers i had a feeling it might be the cable thanks again for answering this question
  3. Ipod cable problems

    I purchased the cable online came from overseas somwhere i'm in USA so would that be the problem? i'm also missing the GPS antenna i really don't need GPS but that seems the only way to set the clock is there another way to set the clock? and would just purchasing one of those cheapie ones do the job i'm lookin for? thanks again
  4. Ipod cable problems

    I just purchased my Ipod cable for the D3 unit and only the right side speakers work have no clue why this is happending also my video option doesn't work would it be the unit or the cable itself everyhting else works the dvd and the radio also evertime i change the song it makes a loud clicking noise outta the left side speakers any help would be great. it's installed in a 2005 GMC sierra with the onstar and bose but i bought the harness so i'm clueless at whats going on.