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  1. It's been a few years since I've been here - and am still enjoying voice recognition and video playback from my iPod Classic and Pioneer x920 combo with the original maps, as the update would have killed voice recognition (????) So, if one were to purchase a NEW iPod (or iPhone) at least 6th gen running iOS 10xxx, is there a Pioneer or Kenwood unit which will allow all the things I enjoy now with my seven-year-old combo? Parking brake video? Voice selection of songs / artists / albums? Or did all of this disappear with the Lightning cable, never to return again.... It seems the NEX series is the current, but it's hard to tell just what it does and doesn't. Thanks - glad this place is still here
  2. Which phone are you using, and which iPod?
  3. The fix, loading 10.2 and 11.0, also worked for me. And yes, turning OFF Bluetooth caused the meltdown. Extremely crap software from Pioneer, especially when their solution is to milk customers for $230, when they likely know this fix will work. Last Pioneer auto product I'll likely purchase
  4. regarding time - did each update take 5 minutes, or did each update take 2 1/2 minutes? Thanks
  5. Where can you find this combo 2015 map / Bluetooth upgrade? And do you know if it kills the voice recognition features of the x920bt headunit? I seem to remember reading that a certain upgrade killed the VR system, which I use frequently, but have finally been hit by the dreaded "greyed out Bluetooth menus" problem. The unit has been bypassed, so sending into Pioneer would be useless and expensive
  6. I still haven't updated the software on my Pioneer 920, mainly because I didn't want to lose Voice Recognition, VR operation. I think I read somewhere that Pioneer removed it because the software tech got sold to another company...whatever. Question: are there any, current, high-end Pioneer or Kenwood units that have implemented native VR, as opposed to implementing a link to Siri on your iPhone (don't have one) of Google Voice options on Android (don't use it). Or, any other brands? I still think it's great to be able to hit just ONE, physical button and have the unit respond to my voice commands
  7. On the x920bt (and others), for the setting "rear camera polarity", there are two choices: GND or Battery Does it matter which one? I believe I grounded my rear camera to a point under the passenger-side wiring panel. I had to do a factory reset to get rid of some Bluetooth problems, and missed noting this setting's selection prior to reset. thanks

    have you hooked it up to any Apple iOS 7 device yet?
  9. X920BT and Apple iPod compatibility

    no one has an iPod Touch 4th gen? With an X (or Z) series? I thought they were more prevalent....


    ok, you said "streaming". I assume you mean from Netflix via your iPhone 5 mobile connection. What if you had videos "stored" on the iPhones drive....can you watch those as well? is there any HDCP Copyright protection stuff over the HDMI that prevents that - whether you rip your own videos or are trying to play videos downloaded from iTunes, for example?
  12. does anyone know if an iPod Touch 4th Generation, running the latest iOS 6.1.6, will work with an x920BT? I lost my iPod Classic 6th Generation and am looking at used replacements, hence, I can't return them if they don't work. The 920 manual says iPod Classic Ver 2.0.2, and iPod Touch 2nd Generation running 3.1.1 However, the manual was printed in 2009 likely, and there are no updates on the website. So....anyone running an iPod Touch 4th gen with no troubles - audio - videos - etc?

    sorry - confused about something...so if you had, for examples movies, music videos, tv shows on the iPhone 5, then you can watch those on the Pioneer screen via the Apple AV/HDMI connection?
  14. currently using a 920 unit with an iPod Classic for video out, which up until I lost the Classic on an airplane, worked fine. Question: before buying another, older iPod with the 30-pin connector, has Pioneer released a newer unit that allows video playback with the newer, 5th generation iPod's? I've perused the posts now going back a couple of years, and it seems like a real rats-nest to get video out of a 5th gen ANYTHING, at least to a 900 series unit. So, is anyone currently using a current Pioneer Nav product which DOES allow video playback from an Apple 5th gen device, and does so with ONE cable between the units, as opposed to a plethora of 30 pin to 8 pin to HDMI to VGA etc... oh, and do the newer units still have voice recognition? I haven't updated my 920 since I actually use that feature. thanks
  15. 2013 USA/CAN Maps Download

    did you lose VR for any other functions, such as choosing music or making phone calls? I actually use those on my 920...