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  1. Apple Theme

    This looks great! Thanks for your hard work.
  2. Apple Theme Completed!!

    Yes i am actually. If you could attach it, that would be incredible
  3. Is there any way to change the black background? Not the startup screen but the the black screen behind all the buttons that is always there.
  4. New BMP file sizes in Photoshop are too large?

    I save the bmp as 16bit
  5. I am in the process of updating/finishing the Apple theme by imBasketCase. When I create the updated bmp, I flatten it, export to bmp with the lowest quality settings, but the file size shoots from the regular 40kb to 170kb? What are the proper export settings so that the final file size is close to stock?
  6. Apple Theme Completed!!

    I NEED this theme!!! anyone have any of the original theme files lying around? I can even update it, if I can look at the 3.0 stock theme.
  7. Avic Bluetooth that looks like OEM OnStar

    I'm not using onstar so I thought if someone already makes an aftermarket mic I'll buy that. Otherwise, I'm going to have to fabricate something to fit behind the face of the onstar mic housing. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing unnecessary work if I didn't have to. I could easily make this look oem, probably sell them too haha.
  8. I finally ran the wires for my bluetooth mic last weekend. I ran it up the A pillar and have it hanging beside the OEM onstar mic in my vehicle. It works great but doesn't look clean enough. Are there any aftermarket bluetooth mics that are made to just replace the onstar mic? Or something that looks similar so I can just pop out the onstar mic and put the new one in it place? I've seen about one aftermarket mic and that was the garmin (which is identical in design to the avic)
  9. Custom Background Gallery

    Here are a couple H3 backgrounds I did. Nothing special but hopefully I do some better ones here soon.
  10. Avic / GMOS-01 Install Question

    Stupid question, but... 1)Does the pioneer Blue wire get connected to the 2 Blue/White wires on the GMOS-01 I'm not sure about these last few.
  11. OnStar Mic Splice to X Series Question

    No one has any idea about splicing?
  12. I know people have discussed this before, but no one has a definitive answer on weather an OnStar mic can be used as a bluetooth mic for the Avics. This guy says he used his for his CarPC and spliced and connected it directly to the motherboard. http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/show-off-your-project/103864-2006-hummer-h3-dash-computer.html Others on here say it is not loud enough. I don't care if onstar works again or not, but please tell me if this will work. 1) Locate Onstar wires (+/-) 2) Cut avic bluetooth mic off and keep the 2.5mm end 3) Strip onstar wires and attach avic 2.5mm end to the existing onstar mic Questions: Will this allow for decent sound quality? Which is positive and which is negative for the onstar mic? Which is pos and neg for the avic 2.5mm jack end? If anyone has done this or knows someone who has, please let me know.
  13. Avic / GMOS-01 Install Question

    Ah thanks for your reply. I should have specified, I am installing a x710bt in a H3 Hummer. I also will be installing a backup cam, so I will hook up the reverse wire. I'm still not sure what to do with the VSS wire though?
  14. I am sort of embarrassed to ask this but I'm in the process of installing my new head unit. Its an AVIC X series and the harness has the bypass done and the wires are grounded. My only question is what do I do with these wires on the GMOS-01 harness...Do they need connected if I did the bypass or do I just tape them and leave them disconnected --------------From the GMOS Manual------------------- 1) Green wire to the parking brake wire of the aftermarket navigation radio. 2) Blue/pink wire to the VSS or speed sense wire of the aftermarket navigation radio. 3) Green/purple wire to the reverse wire of the aftermarket navigation radio.