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  1. Just wanted to drop a quick thank you to Retell for this post and the torrent. I had made a real mess of my system "trying to fix it" the other day when it decided to get stuck at the startup screen. The firmware update from Pioneer just caused the system to constantly reboot and then when I got creative things went downhill in a hurry. Luckily this post has a valid torrent associated with it and all the files I needed to completely restore my headunit!
  2. Thanks for the quick response another gsxr 1k! About an hour after posting this I finally ran across a thread with a valid download (viewtopic.php?f=34&t=32351). At any rate I downloaded this torrent, followed the instructions and everything seems to be working again. Thanks again for the assistance!
  3. Hello all- I have searched and search this forum but have yet to find what I need. My U.S. F700BT started getting stuck at "System Startup in Progress. Please Wait." It would show that message for a few minutes and then reboot. I checked the Pioneer support site and saw that there were firmware updates available so I tried to use one of those to correct the issue. This resulted in the headunit showing the splash page and then shutting down completely. So then I had the bright idea to try some of the other solutions I had seen on this board, upgrading to 3.1, upgrading WinCE,
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