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  1. I have a 920 and the mic flat out sucks, I got to the point that I don't use it, It sounds great if I am stopped, But while I am driving it sounds bad.


    I have the exact same issue. Fine at stop, start moving and it's crap. My avic-d3 sounded perfect, changed to the 920 and this happens. I wonder if changing the mix altogether to a higher quality one would make a difference.

  2. No guarantees, but I've read of this problem on the Avic411 forums and have heard that often all you have to do is move the mic. Don't know why, but for many it seems to work. I changed my mic to a better one (long time ago). Also, are you running the latest Bluetooth software update? Search the forum and you should find where to get it (Pioneer has it free) and how to install. You didn't state which deck you are now using. But hope this helps. Your deck should also tell you what software you are running currently. Good luck.


    Thanks for the info. I'll take a look at it tomorrow and read up on it. It's a x920bt.

    What kind of microphone are you using ?

  3. I think the iPod cable is pooched. The dealer installed it with the deck so it's probably a knock-off lol.


    What happens is if I plug in my iphone or an itouch it says 'ready' on the deck but nothing plays.

    The message changed on my phone from saying 'airplane mode switch' to just 'device not supported for charging'.


    If I plug the iphone in then turn on the car for power, the deck remains black and will not power up at all.


    My phone also goes wonky and I have to reset it for it to work properly again after plugging it in.

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