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  1. Installed in a 2005 Saturn vue

    Here is how it looks!
  2. Installed in a 2005 Saturn vue

    Hmm interesting thought on the glare screen wish there was one taht would stick to the screen like on a cell phone. BTW the Samsung impression is working now my wife turned the car off then back on again and now it seems to be working fine. I think if it still acts up I will erase my iphone from it but so far all seems to be working.
  3. Installed in a 2005 Saturn vue

    I installed the u310bt in my wife's Saturn Vue. I have updated the firmware to 1.0003 I used the garmin microphone that was recommended here in the forum. One thing I did that was a risk, I attached the GPS antenna onto the center crossbar about one inch below the plastic dashboard, It picks up the signals perfectly so far and keeps the antenna hidden under the dash! One issue is the glare on the screen during daylight hours gets annoying. I was wondering if there was an anti glare film that could be attached to the screen? Has anyone done anything to help with the glare? The ipod interface is a bit non-intuitive I just told my wife to use the ipod controls to navigate the songs. Having a little trouble connecting with her Samsung impression. My iphone it had no problem at all but her impression is not working correctly but I did not mess with it so It may just be a matter of a wrong setting. Sounds great! I was thinking of upgrading the speakers but the HU make s the speakers sound so much better I do not think I need to upgrade just now. Any suggestions on the bluetooth connection to the impression or tip with the ipod interface would be helpful.
  4. U310BT Won't read SD Cards

    Any update on this I cannot get Avic feeds software to recognize the sd card at all and keep getting the error message.
  5. U310BT Won't read SD Cards

    Having the same problem. Does the size of the SD card make a difference. My computer recognizes the faceplate as a USB drive but does not recognize that the card is in the drive. Also the Faceplate is indicating it knows a card is in the drive but no luck accessing the card at all through avic feeds or the computer