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  1. Caution Track Log is 90% Full

    This has been answered in another post: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/31012-track-log/
  2. Track log

    Yes, I leave the traffic logging on all the time and I find that I need to clear it out about every month or I start to see the message again. I'm not sure if the limit is the number of records, or the amount of data contained in them. To clear room for more records, either detach the face and connect it directly to a computer via USB cable (you will need to put into PC Mode first by pressing "Connect PC" from the Navigation Menu), or remove your memory card from the top and put that in a card reader attached to a computer. Either way, you will see a drive with an "LT" folder. In the "LT" folder are .LTB files. Each of these files contains the driving log from when your car was turned on to when it was turned off. You will need to remove some .LTB files from the "LT" folder to clear room for new ones. I have plenty of room to spare on the SD card I'm using so I created an archive folder on the card where I move the .LTB files a month at a time into zip files. You can either archive them there, on some other storage, or just delete them completely. Once you remove some of the .LTB files the warning will stop appearing until it fills up again.