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  1. z11 to z14 upgrade?

    I have a Avic f20BT updated to the 30bt, so I guess this will work also on mine. Count me in as well.
  2. F930BT - converting media

    Thanks you very much. I've done so many conversions, with different tools but no luck. A lot of kudo's for you!
  3. AVIC firmware os2.x vs os3.x

    Hi, What I've seen: - the touchscreen is more responsive, when scrolling through songs it scrolls better. And even that accidentally playing the song when scrolling hasn't happened. - this firmware supports can-bus integration with VW & Ford see the following link: http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/extra/25-111/241/car/vehicle-bus-display-support.html - installing more POI's shouldn't work I guess, because it still has the limited memory - Bluetooth compatibility is improved, still people can't hear me properly with my Android Samsung Galaxy S2 (I guess this is an Android issue, my Nokia's work fine N8,N71,etc) - I can't really say if the overall speed is improved, it feels quicker but start-up time and switching between nav and AV mode still needs improvement Too bad they don't have a public release-notes (like every other current software vendor has)
  4. f20bt can bus like f30bt

    Bump! Com on guys, I guess a lot of people want this neat little feature in their F10bt, F910bt, F920bt & F20bt. Maybe we can just order the can-bus chipset separately and install it ourselves.
  5. f20bt can bus like f30bt

    Hi all, I just did a successful upgrade from F20bt software to F30bt and it's working great. Now I want to go a step further, the F30bt has new can bus functionality with this cable: CD-SVW-UAR.001AE you could get climate control & park distance control on you display --> COOL!. (Some extra info about the functionality: http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/extra/25-111/241/car/vehicle-bus-display-support.html) Now the big question how can I get it to work on my F20bt device, it's basically the same device has the same Software, but I'd need some connection point to connect the can bus cable. I'm quite technical and am willing to open eventually my Pioneer, if I need to sold something I'd even do that.
  6. CNSD-210FM European SD Card download (2011)

    I humbly Solute you guys for making this work!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work! The UI seems a lot more responsive than before, haven't checked the Navigation. And I know the Can-bus has been updated for VW & Ford cars, did any one got that to work? According to the specs, you should see your park-assist in the screen + Airco control. Do we need a separate cable for that?
  7. Avic F20bt tips and tricks

    Hi I'm new on this forum and I'm interested if there are some tips & tricks for the f20bt. In the search this new type isn't shown that much, so are there mods.........tips tricks...... I've installed NavGate feeds to my mobile and it works ok, I haven't transferred the locations to my HUD yet. Thanks!