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  1. AVIC -T10

    I would think you can go into set up and change language
  2. Off road mapping

    you can with Car Play.
  3. Yes it works for me however my 128 is glitchy. The 128 seems to search forward fine, but backwards alot of times hangs up
  4. Anything over 64g seems to be a pain. The 128 is slow, but better if u format to Fat32. Don't go any beyond the 128G and don't listen to anyone that tells you it works great,, there're FOS. I really think you will be happy at 64g. Seems to be a real sweet spot
  5. My smaller USB (64g) drive works fine searching forward and back. However the 1TB SSD USB drive takes forever searching backwards and a lot slower searching forward when compared to the smaller USB drives. I also notice music info is hit and miss on the 1TB drive. Sometimes it pops up at the end of a track, sometime nada. Large formatted USB drives are a pain in the rear. I wish more people that tried this were more up front with the problems with these large formatted SSD drives. I haven't seen one post stating these issues, other than to say "yea, I did it and it works great". Ha, no throphies given from here, but it does help build my 'ignore' BS list. OH I take that back, One guy stated after the fact of trying this "I should have said the first load could take up to 20 minutes or longer,". I still offer no help trophies here, how can you do that when someone leads you into land mines,, and probably laughing all the while. It doesn't matter going forward. I can't here that person any longer...
  6. I agree with you and have a feeling it will be awhile before the car stereo manufactors build there car stereos for current technologies. But then again, probably their ploy to get us to update/replace our units every two years. As I count, that's about how often I do, and only for the newest gimmick they throw at us. Hell, if I had enough room in my dash, I'd throw in a nice home receiver and be done the life of my car. Home units are right on it, why can't the car manufactors to this......
  7. I didn't load that many files on the 5 min mark. I didn't time the reload restarts but I'm pretty sure it was same 5 mins. In any case, the same files on a memory stick with almost instant load is a win for me. I think there is more issues to reading files on a large SSD drive than there is on a smaller memory stick. For me it's way to long to wait for music when you compare against a 64k mem stick.. IMHO, most people will be satisfied with the memory stick, I don't see any benefit with a large SSD other than saying you did it!! And to be honest, I'm a little embarrassed I tried it and posted as such. But I did hoping for a miracle, and I found none.. There is chance I did something wrong in formatting process but I followed the process as others posted and simply didn't see the same results. If I did this wrong, then I invite someone, or anyone, getting better results to tell us your trick. Thanks
  8. Finally had time try a Toshiba 1TB SSD drive with USB interface. I formatted the drive to FAT32 using Ridggecorp FAT32 tool. http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/. Format was seamless and quick. Loaded about half of my FLAC file, about 2,000, and tried on my NEX 8100. A few folks here said it took their player 3 mins to load, well I timed my setup and it took 5 mins 43 seconds. Once loaded, music played fine and switching between tracks using library was no problem. FLAC files sure do sound good on the 8100, I love it. Boot up time sucks, and each time I turned off and back on, you go through the same ritual. For me, this ain't gonna work unless I plan to be in the vehicle for a long time. I'll stick with the 64 GB sticks, they work well with FLAC and pretty fast. I like option to store music type by memory stic anyway. At least I ended up with a pretty decent 1TB backup drive that works well with USB3
  9. I would say yes based on previous poster's comment that he was suscesfull using a SSD drive. I personally have not tried this but I have an SSD with a USB interface ordered from Amazon and plan to try. I will let you know my experience but it's going to be a few weeks. I would think several are doing this and invite their comments.
  10. Not to often I answer my own question. 32GB is format limit with FAT 32 and that is due to format operating system. I.e. Windows. This article explains how to format (using 3rd party software ) a SDD 250 GB to FAT 32 allowing use of USB interface. http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?fat32format.htm
  11. He is using SSD and the way I follow, the limitation is with SD not SSD. He also stated his SSD is formatted to FAT 32 which also has limitations but I have no idea what those are. However, FAT 32 is the format requirement for the head unit. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think you can format a drive over 500GB w/FAT 32.
  12. Bypass intro warning splash screen

    the only way i'm aware of is, don't power the unit.
  13. CarPlay Audio Quality

    YES. FLAC on SD sounds awesome and hard to distinguish from CD......
  14. How to play a playlist on iPod classic?

    Try turning repeat off on your iPod. I believe is on iTunes