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  1. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    Now i've tried using a different SD card and also grabbed the 2.08 files off of my friends f90bt and still no success.... still no one has an answer? I see a few ppl have had this issue but they fixed it by trying again (which ive done several times)
  2. Hey guys, I really am running out of things to try. My intial attempt was to do the FX3.1 Firmware update with mods but at first it didn't copy everything over and I was able to figure out that I needed to delete some maps. Since I've done that I can get it to bootup and ask me which Language and Voice I would like and then it goes back to the Pioneer screen and does not go anywhere. After several minutes it looks like it reboots and tries again but it never works. I did try to back it up with my original files but that didn't work and now I seem to have possibly deleted my backup files. At this point I've tried the process several times with a print out and even tried doing the official 3.01 update but it doesn't do anything. Can someone point me in the right direction? I feel like i've read a novel in the last 3 days and I am not getting anywhere. Please and thank you and if it helps I am using an x910bt and I've even tried using different SD cards, I went out and purchased a Kingston since it was listed as compatible on the Wiki
  3. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    No one has had this? I read that my SD card might not be compatible so I've tried two different ones now PNY and Sandisk, both get the same results.... im considering getting one listed on the WIKI site just to try that avenue but it seems like it wouldnt make a big difference since all the files are copying, unless for some reason they are getting corrupted during the transfer.... Either way i still get the Pioneer startup screen, lets me select voice/language, then pioneer screen again, after about 3-5min it looks like it reboots, and same thing... I've tried deleting the gps bin files as it states on WIKI but no success
  4. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    hey guys, need a little bit of help, I have been searching the forums for some help and haven't quite found it on my own. Upfront I know everyone says this is "so easy" and "did you try the search feature" and yes I have. So I followed the instructions from a print out, a few times. At first I didn't realize but the files were too big so I deleted the maps and POI's that I definitely will not need. Now everything seems to go through fine. After the files are transferred over I reset the the unit, and finally after a few tries I can get to the Pioneer screen, which is better than where I was first, with no splash and then turn off. I attempted to download the firmware from Pioneer and boot up that way, but that was prior to getting a pioneer screen. At this point I have only been able to Select Language and Voice options and then it hangs up at the pioneer screen. I did wait up to 15-20min to see if this was a loading process, but it appears to be stuck.... can anyone advise what to do?