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  1. lights are on, but no one's home

    Im now watching too as i have a thread around here somewhere with the exact same problems.F900bt that the buttons light up on but nothing else.
  2. I wish I could figure it out.Im really delaying shipping this thing off,because it has the exact same symptoms as everyone elses that went down.Is there any chance that there being a CD in the drive is affecting anything?It seems to spin up every time that I turn on the radio.
  3. Yea,I thought it may be a power supply issue as well,so I tried it in the car with no results.Looks like I have to pay pioneer to fix it.damn it.
  4. Spent over an hour on this damn thing last night.Nothing.Nada.Zip. Anyone have anything I havent tried yet?Im really starting to think the screen is bad,but then again it wont eject the cd thats in there either.
  5. I hear the change in fan speed.Ill give it one more go this evening.Im starting to think that maybe the screen is just screwed up.
  6. Would it matter that Im using a power supply to power it,meaning that both power wires are recieving power at the same time instead of the constant already being powered before the ignition?Thats all I can come up with at the time.
  7. Anyone know if this is possibly a hardware issue?It just kind of happened over night.It worked fine one day,started the truck and now its like this.
  8. Im sorry I called it test mode.Service mode is what I meant.The problem is the screen is ALWAYS black.When I power on the unit,the screen is black and the buttons light for about 20 seconds then go off,the fan stays on.If I try to enter service mode,the buttons fade up and down and the fan runs,Screen still black.
  9. Hey everyone,I have done extensive reading over the last few days before deciding to make this post.I have a F900bt that when its powered up,nothing shows on the screen,the cd spins up for a second,but wont eject,the buttons light for about 20 seconds and then thats it,only the fan running. Now if I try to enter test mode by pressing reset, eject, map and menu,the lights on the unit fade up and down,but still nothing on the screen,just the fan running.The unit is stock as far as I know,but out of warranty and I really dont want to ship it off to pioneer for the $200 fix. Anyone have any suggestions?Im very electronically inclined and am not opposed to opening this radio up if it can save me some cash.