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  1. Hello All From Sweden

    Hello there everyone, Firstly I want to thank you all posters for all the information I have found here on this great board! Just installed my AVIC F20BT (Z120BT) in my Ford Mustang GT 2005 with the Shaker 1000 system. I am pleased with the system and the result. And the BT handsfree function for my iPhone is working great. With perfect sound quality But I´m now waiting on the PAC harness. I know I can fix this with the SCOSCHE harness I have now. BUT I do not want to cut in the stock wires to get VSS, reverse etc.. A BOYO license rear camera is also on its way.
  2. Looking for backup camera for trunk lock keyhole

    Hello What happened with your project? I'm thinking of something like that and wonder what camera you used that case and if you were satisfied?