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  1. My 2007 Mustang came with a Shaker 1000 headunit and no steering wheel audio controls. I swapped the Shaker OEM unit with a Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT unit. I am swapping my factory steering wheel for a 2012 unit that does have volume controls. Is it possible to wire the steering wheel controls into a remote for the AVIC unit? My guess is the harness connections for wheel controls would have to be in place, which I am not sure if they are or not. Otherwise how would the signal pass from the wheel through the clock spring? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. z120?

    Do you have a link to that info? I am running the Shaker 1000 and the door subs are very weak if not inactive.
  3. Is there a real time GPS readout of speed?

    I have a speed pulse readout there, and some other info - Illumination, pkg brake, etc., but no speed readout. This is on a Z120BT.
  4. Is there a real time GPS readout of speed?

    Awesome, thank you!
  5. I was tooling around with my F90BT and found a live speed read out under the satellite info/strength panel. Is there any place on the Z120BT that will give a real time read of the speed of the vehicle? I would like to verify my speedometer changes. Thanks!
  6. Looking for backup camera for trunk lock keyhole

    It is the threaded body that is too big on both of them. The Audiovox is a closer fit, but still off by a few mm.
  7. Looking for backup camera for trunk lock keyhole

    I picked up a Boyo VTK350 and an Audiovox CMOS-2 in hopes of dropping them in from the outside and threading the collar onto the camera from the inside. Both are too large. The Audiovox is very close, but still about 1-2mm to wide. I guess I will need to build a bracket to mount it from the inside.
  8. I tried a VTK350 and it's a touch too big in diameter. Any suggestions?
  9. I am trying to install a backup camera in my trunk lock keyhole just like this, same car - 2007 Mustang: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=24868&p=186793&hilit=keyhole#p186793 What camera would fit? I picked up a Boyo VTK-350 'keyhole' camera but it is a little too wide for the hole. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_154 ... K-350.html
  10. Hello, I installed an F90BT awhile ago using the larger Metra harness for my 2007 Mustang, so I did not need to tap into anything around the car. I'm about to replaced it with a new AVIC as well as add the XM unit. Where is the best place to get a constant 12v source for the XM unit? thank you
  11. Z120BT on Sale (Deal from al eds is now dead)

    Coupon Code still works, but won't ship it to me in CA. It says find a store for pickup, but it won't let me complete the transaction this way. Will the stores honor the coupon?
  12. AVIC "F" Series Bypass (Picture Guide)

    Hey guys, newb here. Just wired up my F90BT last night. I moved the Mute wire and grounded it along with the Parking Brake wire. As of right now I don't have my VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) wire connected out of the assumption that it would defeat the bypass. Can I connect this? Or shall I leave it as is? Thank you!