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  1. Little help with F310BT

    Here is the testmode for U310 and F310 ( i tried on my F310BT and it works) - It will allow you to load wince 6.0. I tried to launch iGo and it works ( just have some problems with gps... but have no time to fix it) http://avic411.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=14678
  2. F310BT hack is real

    Give me your emai I'll send it to you
  3. Can anyone help me with alternative menu for F310BT? I have got a full access to the device ( testmode). So just neet to install the software I need ( nav menu and iGo for example)
  4. F310BT hack is real

    http://www.gpsmeter.com/index.php?page=portsplitter - this should make our device see the gps port
  5. F310BT hack is real

    Try asking from F series forum. Seems like they are able to help us
  6. F310BT hack is real

    I tried to run Navitel - it works but doesn't see gps port too ( Seems like I have seen the solution somewhere... will keep looking for it)
  7. F310BT hack is real

    Can you tell me the way you have installed alternative menu? ( with files if possible)
  8. F310BT hack is real

    Great it works Now It is time to think about alternative navigation software and top menu Does anyone have an idea?
  9. F310BT hack is real

    I will try it
  10. Does anyone know what is pioneer ID file? It is required to initiate the testmode start for AVIC F310BT ( or U310BT for US)
  11. F310BT hack is real

    Any ideas how to get the ID file?
  12. F310BT hack is real

    Tried testmode 2.3.... no success again.
  13. F310BT hack is real

    Ok, I'll try
  14. F310BT hack is real

    Look what I've found in service manual for F310 U310: How to Use TestMode Jig No: GGV1345 Startup procedures 1. Store the TestMode folder that can be found inside the TestMode folder on GGV1345 to directly below the SD card. Note : “ Test Mode †folder must be on the SD card root. 2. Download a ID file from the Service Site and copy the file to the “ Test Mode†folder on the SD card. 3. Attach the PND into which the SD card containing the program has been inserted to the main unit. 4. Turn ON the BUP and ACC of the main unit. 5. Press the Reset button. 6. TestMode will start up automatically. I have the GGV1345 files but the problem is ID file. How to get or generate it?
  15. F310BT hack is real

    I tried it with no success. I unpack the files to my SD card and then insert it into F310BT.....and nothing happens. Any ideas?