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  1. I'll have to give that a try today but you are probably correct because before I changed out the battery everything worked fine and thats the only other setting that I haven't looked into. Is there a problem with the way it is wired if this is the case? i've probably had it wired that way for a year now.....
  2. I've been scratching my head for a week now and I'm giving up and coming here! I installed a new battery in my trailblazer, when I went back in to setup the radio all went well. Then I went to listen to my iPhone and the sub will not turn on when using the AV input? In the audio menu it is turned on but nothing.... Same thing happens if I change over to the Library input. When I go to the radio the sub works?! I can actually hear the amp turn OFF when I switch to the inputs that are not working. Ideas? Thanks in advance, Nick
  3. Just picked up a used Z2 for my '06 TrailBlazer

    Mainly not doing enough research before actually doing the install and some missing hardware because I bought it used.... I THOUGHT I had it all figured out and when I went to install a few things (like the bypass for e-brake) it wasn't correct. Same with my VSS wire. Turns out there are two green/white wires on the harness I tapped into for the VSS and it looks like I tapped into the wrong one since I'm still not getting a signal. Other issue is I just found out I'm missing the RCA 2 harness which is where I need to plug in my SWI-PS module for steering controls and I'm having a hard time understanding what bypass to do for my e-brake. I'm also getting a "excessive vibration" status for the mounting angle of the headunit after trimming my dash to allow it to fit correctly. I think all I need to do is support the back of the headunit in the dash to keep it from sagging and moving. It's been a good learning process though. I can take my dash apart and instrument panel out in about 5 minutes haha
  4. Frustrated with Z2 installation

    Great, looks like the harness with the wire remote connection is missing.... I got this used and it must not have come with it when I got it. Guess I'll have to see where I can pick one up at.
  5. AVIC-Z2 Pre/Post-June Bypass Files

    If I'm understanding this correctly, I should be able to do this 2 wire bypass on my Z2 without any firmware updating as long as it's not the earlier version right? My CD/DVD reader doesn't work so I have no way of hacking firmware. How do I tell which firmware is on it or how can I tell this 2 wire bypass will work for my unit? I'm getting ready to pull it back out of the dash in an hour or so to do some other work to it. Figured I'd look into this bypass info as well.
  6. Frustrated with Z2 installation

    Thank you! I think the splice connector I used on the VSS wire might not have made a good connection. I'll have to look into the 2 wire bypass. I did the relay bypass that uses the remote wire to trigger a relay to ground the e-brake wire. I still need to trim a little more of some plastic inside the dash for the rear of the headunit to fit better so I'm going to check into these things while I have it out today on lunch break.
  7. Just picked up a used Z2 for my '06 TrailBlazer

    Standard car stereo headunits, yes many times. First time with a NAV system though! Install is going well though. It's in my truck and %75 functional. Just a few kinks to work out.
  8. Well it's been a couple weeks now since the unit first went in. I bought this used and have been reading and reading and reading about the install and feel I have a pretty good understanding of it all. I still can't get some items hooked up correctly so I'm hoping I can get some help. Issue 1 - VSS wire - In my trailblazer there is a dark green/white wire going in to B9 of the instrument cluster plug. I tapped into this wire for the VSS wire on the Z2. What's the best way to check to see if this is working? I went in to the menu that shows GPS signal strength, parking brake status and at the top has "speed pulse". I'm assuming this number should go up as the vehicle speeds up? It stays at zero. Issue 2 - E-brake connection - I am trying to do the relay bypass. Terminals 87 and 85 are grounded, 86 is the remote turn on (Z2 is set to power for remote accessories), 30 is the light green wire from the power connector which is the E-brake signal and 87a is not used. When the truck is turned on I still get an error that says there is an incorrect connection for the parking brake and I can't watch videos while in motion. When I go to the menu that shows the status of the parking brake it says "on". Issue 3 - SWI-PS connection - I'm using this to try and use my steering wheel controls. I found the wire in my steering wheel wiring harness and tapped into it. The problem is, I don't know where to plug in the 3.5mm plug?! There's no port on the back of the Z2 and the OS-2BOSE harness I'm using has nothing. Ideas? Issue 4 - NAV Arrow pointed wrong way - When I'm driving the arrow that shows your location is NEVER pointing in the direction of travel. Say I'm traveling north, the arrow will move along the road correctly but will not be pointed in the direction of travel. This is extremely annoying since it makes it hard to see what's coming up and it also pulls up the names of streets you pass since it thinks it's getting ready to travel down them.
  9. Can you buy cables for the CD-Ib100II?

    Well second issue..... I also have the CD-BTB200 Bluetooth module. It has the power cord for it but was clipped off short. Looks like it has a fuse on it from the factory? Anyone know what fuse that is? Also, I never got a mic with the unit. I see there is a mic jack on the bluetooth module. Is this for the mic that comes with the AVIC Z2? Does anyone have a part # for that? I seen a few on ebay but some weren't manufactured by pioneer.
  10. I got mine working today. You have it connected to the AV input RCAs on the back right? Like stated above, I had to turn the AV input to "video" for it to work. Volume has to be up on your Droid of course.
  11. Ok I'll give that a look when I take it back out. Back to the AUX input, I went through the menu and turned it to "on" and tried playing my ipod through it but still no sound. Any other ideas?
  12. It had crossed my mind that could be the issue but couldn't see why they would have the option to turn them on and off? Guess I'll have to surf through the menus and figure that out. Do you know where the SWI-PS module plugs into the Z2 at? I have it all wired up and never paid attention to where it plugs into the HU at and when I went to plug it in the only thing that looked like it was the right size was labeled digital audio or something similar. I can't find any info on it.
  13. Just got my Z2 up and running. I'm still waiting on some cables for my iPod module so in the meantime I figured I'd just use a 1/8" to RCA adapter and plug that into the "Audio input" RCAs on the back of the Z2. When I try to change to the source it's not available. I did some quick reading and it looks like you have to buy an RCA module that uses the bus cable? Is this true? I'd have to buy that module so I can plug my RCA cables from my iPhone into this module, then out of the module to the RCAs into the HU? If so that's ridiculous.
  14. A few quick Z2 wiring questions

    Hoping to start and finish my Z2 install in my Trailblazer today and I had a few quick question I wanted to ask before starting. I searched and have some good answers for hooking these items up but I'm more curious about understanding exactly what the function is. First, the VSS wire. I found where it's at in my truck (or so I've read). I read that the VSS is not required for use but helps with accuracy right? Now, if I do hook it up it will stop allowing me to enter data if the truck is moving faster than 5mph. Is this true? I'm ok with this as well. The e-brake wire, this is used for the DVD player right? I seen some people modify this with a relay so that DVDs can be played while driving. I have no need for that since my headunit won't play discs right now. Can I just leave this unhooked or is it required for anything else? Reverse signal, is this required for anything as well? I found a place to tap in for it but if I don't have to run the wiring then I won't. haha Thanks!
  15. I'm missing all of the cables for the CD-Ib100II module except the iPod cable itself. Is there any place these can be bought? I'm not familiar with this module or hooking it up. I was hoping to do the install of my Z2 this weekend and was reading through the install instructions and noticed that these cables are missing. The guy I bought it from is searching for them but I'm not sure he's going to "find" them.