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  1. Used the quotes before and after the pw, did see others get that wrong Hopefully for me it is a combination of ffing around too much with the cif file and using cheap chinese sd knock off cards. Will go and get a real SD tomorrow and start fresh, now read up on shortfuse's post how I can get out of the update loop. thanks sofar for the great help! UPDATE: recovered boot via supertestmode, happy! Will attempt upgrade again when I have a new SD card
  2. If I would manage to go in testmode (assuming I can launch it with the testmode.key file) which file would I need to delete to recover my unit to old/previous state? Giving up for the moment so would like to hand my wife back a working radio for tomorrow
  3. Guys (and girls?) How do you format your SD cards? Fat32 16kb sector size?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! Only have a 4Gb and a 32Gb one to try, will try on the 32Gb one.....hopefully I have more succes. I trust the original files from godzilla's zip are fine for the F920BT and need no altering. The initial string in my cardinfo was (i believe) #PioneerEL4YD12 Have tried other cardinfo.cif files without succes. Will keep you posted
  5. Tried the update on my F920BT, short fuse patch worked, update started afterwards but stopped at 93% Will try another SD card but it would be nice if someone can confirm which cardinfo.cif I would need for the 920BT. Cheers!
  6. F920bt update query

    Judging by your nickname your are from the UK?.... If so you can run the upgrade procedure as detailed here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35601-cnsd-310fm-eu-2012-update/ I also did this on my 920BT and have now happily upgraded to the latest maps and firmware, and yes Apple iPhone will play with it. Good luck!
  7. F920BT 3.0 Firmware

    Anything f920bt related is pretty much dead on this forum, don't expect replies
  8. HELP PLEASE F920bt Aerial Problem

    I have the same on my unit, f920bt. Installed it in my wife's car, Daihatsu Sirion 2, old original radio had perfect fm reception. Antenna is a passive one, so no amp that needs a power lead. Antenna connector is seated fine, making good contact..... Also a bad unit?
  9. FM Radio Reception

    I have the same poor FM reception, the original radio did not provide power to the antenna by the way.... Have played around with all the nice settings for near/far stations, nothing helps...
  10. Navigation Installation Problem

    I have similar problems, gps position being completely off. Except at hone when I installed it first time, it found the coordinates, 20m off by the way. Does the auto calibration gyro thing help to get matters sorted? I resetted this cal. setting and looks like it needs to learn now. First spin around the block showed me driving through the neighbours houses then ended up in a field.... Could it be I need the metallic sheet under the gps aerial, it is mounted just two cm above the f920BT unit, hoped this would be enough shielding. In my setup I haven't connected the speed pulse by the way, and as I installed it in my wife's car I don't ride it enough around to test, maybe I should but it's such a small car Cheers, Frans