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  1. havnt tried that yet i will try that tomorrow....
  2. sub controls stopped working

    you have to change rear sp from full to sub... and you will have control of your sub but you wont have any sound from rear speakers....grrrr in the middle of trying to figuere this out myself.....and the only way to be able to find this option available is by hitting the off button on the left side in the row of source options... on the z130bt anyway
  3. i havnt had the time to pull out my deck but i recently found that you can switch between rear door speakers integrated with sub woofer without sub control, or rear sub on with the subwoofer controls working fine except no rear door speakers grrrrrr really sucks
  4. VR issues with new Z130BT

    good to know.....
  5. why do videos keep showing up on my avic z130bt after i delete them from memory card help!!!!!!! i only have 40 videos on my sd card and it shows i have like 160 videos...the deck automatically makes another file for each video and it seems to save everything i ever put on the memory card on the hard drive.. so annoying please help
  6. why is it that when i put videos on my sd card from www.keepvid.com the z130 seems to multiply the list of videos ??? so theres duplicates of the whole list!! and i dont have duplicates on the sd card when i put it in the computer so i dont understand...anyone???
  7. i did what someone said about downloading videos from www.keepvid.com and it worked well...aim not sure whats the highest resolution my z130bt will support???? and for some reason today after work they didn't play at all...i got the message saying"tracks that cannot be played will be skipped" and it skipped every single one...any one know why???
  8. bluetooth works great on mine..
  9. oh really?? no wonder i couldn't find it
  10. i looked and looked for a sub rca ouput on the back of my unit but its just not there...i have my sub hooked up to rear..when i turn off sub from av sound settings and it keeps working..and setting changes don't seem to make a difference....how can i hook it uo properly????
  11. converting video files for playback

    should this work for the z130 too?