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  1. Is there a Way?

    Yea I gotta agree, it's ridiculous that they stop supporting them after so long. Not to mention why configure them to use different map discs, why not program the firmware on all the units so they can read the same discs? But I guess it's like you said, they just want you to buy a newer unit for a G.
  2. Automatic Navigation zoom?

    Thanks, no big deal, just wanted to know since I couldn't find that info anywhere. Thanks again!
  3. Automatic Navigation zoom?

    Most GPS units adjust how much the map gets zoomed in on depending on your speed. If your going slow it zooms all the way down into the map at your location, if your moving fast it zooms out.
  4. Automatic Navigation zoom?

  5. Using the rear audio rcas to put an aux/3.5mm port?

    Why not just get the ipod cable if your wanting to hook up your ipod?
  6. On the lot

    I'm with ya, love my MKV!
  7. Automatic Navigation zoom?

    So I know this is a noob question, and I did some searching but can't seem to find my answer. So does the navigation on the D3 perform automatic zoom in and out depending on speed? If it does do you have to have the speed sensor attached for it to do so? Mine never does it, and I can't find the setting. However, I have the bypass wired so the speed sensor isn't connected.