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  1. The AVIC Development Mod

    Just copy only the correct license file, not a lot of lincese, because the try to load a lot of maps, building etc...
  2. AVIC F960BT - NEX 6000

    Hi Guy, Is it possible to access testmod? I have the password and I changed the battery, now he ask for the pass and when I put I receve the pass error... I use this pass for my whole , its impossible to be wrong.. tks
  3. AVIC F960BT

    Hi Guys, I have the version F960BT with GPS built-in, and I had to change my battery and now the sound ask for the password. I put my password as well, its is the same for my whole life and he give me a wrong password. Anyone know how to enter in test mod in this unit? If not I have to send it to customer service... ;-(