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  1. [Question] Android Auto on F series

    Ooook... Thank you so much!
  2. Hackmode 2.3 for 2.0, 3.0 & 3.1 (obsolete)

    I have a question, What can I do entering on Windows CE OS?? Something special?
  3. [Question] Android Auto on F series

    Ok thank you! And will be possible to install on older F series?
  4. You have a reason. FInally I updated F920BT! But what's mean nag screen? Thank you so much!
  5. It is a problem that I have installed navi.exe before change Renewfile.dll and install 2017 Maps?
  6. Hi, finally I replaced with HxD, copied with testmode. Insert SD with 2017 Maps, choose PASSWORDPASSWORD, BUT WHEN AVIC RESTART SHOW ME "wrong sd card insert right sd". Help me PLEASE!!
  7. Is it possible to install Android Auto on F series? Thanks
  8. Hello, I followed the instructions but on RenewallFlib.dll the HxD doesn't find "0350A0E3". What I have to do? Thanks
  9. Hi everybody, great NEWS!! So, this hack works on F series, F920BT exactly? Has anyone tried it? Thanks!
  10. Hello, Is it possible to download from any place? ThankS!
  11. Please I need VERINFO.DAT because I tried only changing CARDINFO and 98% gives me error. Urgent help!
  12. Hi! I need VERINFO.DAT for f920bt, someone has it?? Thanks!
  13. El post ESPANOL del Avic

    Hola, tengo un AVIC f920bt, desde esta página se puede hackear: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/31534-condis-hackmode-v22-autoinstall-working-also-with-f40bt-x940bt-etc-updated-27092012/ Mi pregunta es, después de hackearlo se puede instalar otro navegador?, y qué cosas se pueden hacer después de hackearlo?? Gracias!
  14. El post ESPANOL del Avic

    Muy buenas a todos. Tengo un Avic F920BT y he conseguido actualizarle a la versión 5 del firmware con mapas del 2013. Y quería saber si el AVICNET 2.1 es compatible con este modelo. Gracias.