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  1. Happens to me when I move the stupid HDMI adapter around... I exchanged it at apple for a new HDMI to lightning adapter and it worked great again for a day. I'm pretty much done with apple at this point. If they don't improve their crap by my next upgrade next november I'm going android. I'm going to try getting a lightning extender off ebay and just electrical taping the adapter to the HDMI cable so it can't move around as much for now. Maybe thatll work... or I'll shove tinfoil in it. IDK
  2. hey guys, I have a Z130bt that I sold on amazon.com and the buyer is saying it wont power on. I had it in my car for a year and it worked fine, anything I can tell him to check that may be causing it not to power on or should I just tell him to return it and I'll accept the loss? He says he replaced the fuse in the back so far and his tech tried to give it direct power and nothing. He also said he got it to work once but the accessories won't turn on. Anything I can tell him to try? maybe common things or anything? ANY help is appreciated. I am NOT trying to screw this guy, so if a
  3. ok, good, so did anyone get locked out at all because of this? Is there a way to make it go away or should I not care about it? EDIT: found out it goes away on its own.
  4. I have a question about this actually, I performed this bypass by adding a wire to that spot instead of moving it. I got the parking brake warning twice already since saturday. Does the system lock you out after a time or is there anything I can do to make that go away? If there's not and it doesn't lock you out then it doesn't really bother me, all video functions work right now. I currently have the head unit ground, PB ground, and added wire soldered together and then grounded to the car chassis. There is no ground in my wire harness.
  5. I'm reading above and it looks to me like the video capabilities work if you just ground the e-brake wire, but you get the warning, and if you correctly ground the e-brake wire AND the moved or added "mute" wire then you get no warning. True or false?
  6. Installed, got the warning screen 2x so far. Lol the warning screen is more hazardous than having video availability while driving! It popped up when I was looking at the GPS for my next turn and I almost missed the turn... Thanks pioneer... Lol wtf. So did anyone get locked out bc of this or no? If not I'm not really gonna care much.
  7. lol im a sped, figured it out, sorry for the wasted post...
  8. I just installed this thing and I downloaded the firmware onto an sd card and stuck it into the head unit... nothing happened and the instructions on pioneers website suck. What am I doing wrong?
  9. whats up guys? I just got the Z150bh in and I've read this thread, watched the videos, and I've decided to just spend the $10 on the ridiculously overpriced wire on amazon... lol, but at least this way I don't have to worry about breaking the mute wire or super gluing anything or ghetto rigging it so it doesn't fall out or anything like that. I know where to shove this new wire in my question is, since there was never a REAL way to do this and this mod came off of a different unit originally... How's it holding up for you guys? any problems for anyone that did it right after all these mont
  10. I figured it out, I just pulled the sd card, rebooted it and put In the card with the firmware. Went great. So what is that dll for in the picture? Bc when I downloaded the torrent it said I had to do 2 sd cards, 1 with the DLL, and 1 with the actual update. In post #1 it said to download the torrent I downloaded so I know it's right. I have a z130 so I used the original cardinfo file that came with it also.
  11. Anyone???? I can hold the eject button and it'll open but I'm still on that screen... What do I do? Leave it until something happens or do I pull it and put in SD CARD #2?
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