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  1. I've had the same problem for quite some time now. Strangely it was fine initially as I remember using the eco-meter with a functioning GPS. At some point soon after, it stopped working well. Now it's slow to update and well behind my position. Does anyone have a well behaving stock NAV after dong this hack?
  2. Just wanted to chime in that I've avoided this issue by simply using Pionara's launcher to start TCPMP. Since the head unit can't see what is happening on COM 4, the files play without issue. The iGO8 launcher does the same so it's also not an issue. Solidtrick, I suggest you dump Shincoplayer...I used that briefly and found that I couldn't play some MP4 files (like the spider pig demo). I've been using the TCPMP player packaged with Miopocket and it works very well on our devices...it is even skinable (but I have yet to find one that works well with our small screens). FYI, i've tried to resolve the poorly working stock navi that I have been experiencing and I've come up with nothing...I've tried running newer maps from the SD card but it's still behaving badly. I could have sworn that it was working well before running iGO8 but I can't be sure...I can't help but think that changing the registry for the com port is what caused this effect. Not being a programmer though, I have no idea. :/ In any case, I'm quite happy with how things are right now although I wish there was a way to access the phone menu while iGO8 or the videoplayer is running. If we ever get to that point, I'll definitely look into a permanent bypass.
  3. U310BT Video Encode Settings

    No it doesn't come out grainy but it plays back with lots of stuttering...totally unwatchable. I've tried a few others encoders but I'm quite content with my files as they stand now...H264 would be nice just so that I can shrink them further so if you find a working combo, please post it.
  4. U310BT Video Encode Settings

    Audio encode settings? Just what I listed above...AAC, 128Kb @ 48Hz in stereo. The head unit will only play sound from the front two speakers and they are merged into mono so it will never sound "great". It is what it is...I'll have to try to up the bitrate but I'm quite happy at 500kbits and it helps to keep my files relatively small (around 500mbs). By the way, I'm using a class 2 micro SD so that might be part of the problem I was experiencing before. Have you tried the "Spider Pig" file included with MioPocket? It runs great and was encoded with h264 but I can't seem to match that output. :/
  5. Like you I was only able to get MioPocket to run from TestMode and it ran like crap for me...I'm sure I did it wrong somehow. Regardless, since I won't be playing Bejeweled while I'm driving, I'm not missing it. All I really wanted was the addition of video playback so I'm very happy at the moment. The only thing I hope for from here is a way to access the main menu from either the video player or iGO.
  6. U310BT Video Encode Settings

    Since I had bought my radio 2 years ago, I hoped that someday, I'd be able to play videos on the damn thing and now that that day has arrived, I've been having a bitch of a time finding the right settings that would play back...after much experimentation, I thought I'd share my findings and (hopefully) get a couple of suggestions for a better encode... So if you want movies for your device, grab your movie files and run them through Handbrake (free for both Mac and PC) and select the "iPhone Legacy" preset...this preset sets the resolution to the very same native res of our device (480 x 272) and maintain aspect ratio should already be checked. Tab over to "Video" and select MPEG-4 as the video codec and set the average bitrate to 500...go then to the audio settings and set the mixdown to stereo and the sample rate to 48 and the bitrate to 128. Hit start at the top and when done you should have a playable file in TCPMP. It would be nice to be able to do it in H264 but everytime I've tried that, it runs as a pixelated mess and will frequently drop frames but if you have a preset that works with 264, please share it as I'd like to try it.
  7. Tested a bit last night and all overlays seemed to be running perfect! I am even able to changes stations and record presets while iGO is running...Perhaps it's because of a combination between iGOlauncher.exe and my sys.txt file. I'll test extensively on the way to work today and I'll let you know if it's working without a doubt. Edit: The overlays are definitely behaving better...I wonder why? The only times where they won't pop up is while driving and the map is showing...perhaps the loading of the surrounding area in iGO is taking up too many resources? From its menu though, all overlays are working! I'm using the same SYS.txt from before so the only change is that it runs from a dedicated launcher.
  8. LOL I didn't even know that was an option....I'm not contributing much, am I? Pionara, I just tried your beta apps set and it works a treat! W7 connected to it and automatically downloaded Device Center and then once plugged in, it installed our device as an "NX005"...I too can access all the files on the device! Excellent! bobomango, I think my stock nav is screwed then...it has way too much lag to be useful...If I use it for directions, it'll be sitting there waiting for me to make a turn and I've already driven 1/2 mile away before it updates.
  9. No it is not, i'm afraid. Overlays work perfectly while iGO is in a menu but (as you said) once you are on the map screen, it doesn't work as well. The biggest issue is that even when the overlay from the radio displays correctly and predictably, all onscreen touches are registered with iGO only.If you wish to change the radio channel preset, you literally have to exit iGO. :/ I think my "contribution" of focus=0 was a red herring...I can't even find documentation to know what it does. LOL. bobomango, is your stock nav running normally? I still have the issue of everything running slow and behind...Am I and devl85 the only ones to experience this?
  10. I'll be happy to try this but it will have to wait for tomorrow...gotta get up early tomorrow! Thanks for all your help!
  11. Come to think of it, I think you are right...When I hit the menu button, I'll then touch iGOs menu button and that gives me the overlay but overlays like volume changes weren't happening before in any case. Pionara, I can confirm that your changes fix the stock nav when exiting iGO...THANK YOU! Edit: I wonder what each of these commands do? Documentation is really poor...I can't find any reference for the majority of SYS.TXT functions... [screen] nightmode=0 menu_animation=0 ;focus=1 ;focus_type=2 ;focus_color ;focus_sprite ;focus_halign ;focus_valign ;focus_followlinks ;focus_list_move_before_scroll ;focus_list_keyup ;focus_list_keydown ;focus_list_keyleft ;focus_list_keyright ;focus_activator_key ;current_background="default.bmp"
  12. Regarding phone...I tried making a call today and it worked well. I even got the overlay on top of iGO8 when the call was connected but the onscreen buttons weren't recognized...instead I was touching the iGO screen below it. All calls and dialing had to be done through my phone. I imagine that accepting a call will have to be done through my phone's interface as well (while iGO runs). Ideally, it'd be fantastic to find a way to get the "menu" button to appear on iGO but that is probably a function of Navi.exe so it is (probably) impossible. I wonder if Leetlauncher ever had that ability?
  13. I added the following to the sys file in an attempt to push iGO's screen priority as far back as possible... [screen] focus=0 There may be a placebo effect because I didn't play a whole lot with the previous settings but on the way home tonight, everything worked as it did with the Navi software (only with a slight lag)...I even get the volume pop-up at the bottom when I turned the knob. By the way, this link: http://forum.mobilism.org/viewtopic.php?p=354489 seems to have a complete list of the parameters you can set... Also, I have a question...Is there a way of using bluetooth to update TMC data to iGO through my cell phone? I'm not familiar with iGO at all really but from what I see, it seems that in order to get BT, you first need a compatible skin...is that right?
  14. Since you mentioned it and I'm having a slow work day... Raw Display Info: Driver: Surface_GDI RLandscape PDA:0 pBuffer: 0x545d4000 pRealBuffer: 0x008800020 SizeX:480 SizeY:272 PitchX:2 PitchY:960 DoubleMode: 0 BPP: 16 Device Info: Platform: 3 Type: NJ077
  15. More testing...It's not my com port because I can see that it connects. Perhaps not strongly but it does connect...Really it's just running very sluggishly as if its in emulation mode or something...I think I might have screwed something up when I tried to install Miopocket. Oh well...