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  1. z110bt is now a z130bt thank you all !!!! :)

    I am doing this with a 120 on 2.000. After i updated with the cracked file, it still said version 2.0000 The CNSD-110FM update is 36% right now. For a password i just put all a's. If it were not cracked right, would it have went past the password screen and start installing CNSD-110FM with the all a password? Will up date with how it ends up. Thanks everyone that shared the info for doing all this to all these hu's!
  2. Use Z2 wiring harness for z-120bt

    Actually the 120bt antennae is different than the z2. The z2 plug is round in shape, the 120bt is square.I figured this out while installing the 120 today.
  3. PAC SW1-PS

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Steering-wheel-interface-controller-/290634100674?pt=Car_Audio_Video&vxp=mtr&hash=item43ab246fc2#ht_500wt_1261 Will a PAC SW1-PS work in a Toyota Tacoma, 2008, with z-120bt? The truck has factory steering wheel controls. The pac in question came out of an 04 Ford truck. I searched for a while and couldn't find that exact info. I don't wanna have to take the steering wheel off though, is this part of the process of installing one of these? Do the factory steering controls tie into the factory radio harness? Thanks, Jeremy
  4. Use Z2 wiring harness for z-120bt

    One more question, would you know if I can use the existing z2 gps antennae? It's already installed through the dash lol. Thanks for helping me out!
  5. Use Z2 wiring harness for z-120bt

    Ok cool, thanks man
  6. I have a 120bt that will be delivered tomorrow. My Toyota Tacoma has a z2 harness wired into it. Does anyone know If the the 130 install with the existing z2 harness.? Or will I need another install plug kit? Thanks, Jeremy
  7. Like the title says. I'm thinking of upgrading to the bt130, so I'm thinking of selling my z2. It will be upgraded to z3 with new maps before sale, as well as new screen. It's getting refurbished right now. Also will come with Bluetooth and iPod adapter. What's a fair selling price? Thanks for any input , Jeremy
  8. Z2 repair question

    Thank you very much for the explanation and the price info.
  9. Hello, I have been a member of this site for a few years with the username mokinweed. I had to make a new name for not remembering my password, and the old email addy i used is not accessible either lol. I have a June 2007 model z2 in a toyota tacoma. I bought it new and had it installed by local shop. Recently the gps would freeze, but would start working again pretty quickly. vehicle dynamic screen froze too. connection status says gps nok, installation status nok. Other problems are scratched screen, ejecting has to be helped closed. This occured over 2 years ago in an attempted theft of my avic. It worked perfect for those two years since the attempted theft, until the gps started messing up recently. I just lived with the scratch and eject problems for those years. everything else worked fine, hdd ect. I took the radio out today to be sent for repair. I talked to a guy on ebay that will will fix all of the problems it has for $120. Here is the link http://www.ebay.com/...4#ht_796wt_1247 Seems to have good feedback. Does this sound like a good deal to you all? I have one more question. When removing the unit i removed the wire nuts and soldered and shrink wrapped all of them. In the process there is one wire i am not too sure about where it goes. It is on the parking brake wire after a small red plastic thing that has 0.5 and 0.85 on each side. It looks as if the red box and the yellow and brown wire added for a bypass. The yellow wire I believe is the parking brake bypass thats added to the plug on the avic. The green is the park brake wire. Does the added yellow and brown wire pass through the red box from where its added to the plug? have to hit ok on the warning screen, but video and nav always work when driving. I added a pic of the connector and wire i am talking about. I would appreciate any input anyone may have. So. vbrry for the confusing explanations Thanks, Jeremy