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  1. x920 wont boot up.

    I have a x920bt that out of nowhere stopped booting up. When I turn it on the screen is like a white fuz for 5 seconds then turns into a white screen with black lines running from side to side about 20 seconds later screen turns black. I tried to do the update from pioneers website, but it doesnt seem to read anything from the sd card. Anyone deal with this before? Is it fixable?
  2. f700 boot issues

    I have a Avic F700 that refuses to go past the main pioneer screen, It started with just starting up not fully booting and then shutting off. I tried all the updates I could find, and now have it to the point it boots up and gets stuck at the pioneer screen. seems to reboot every couple min just to get stuck there again. bluetooth light flashes for a couple seconds then goes out. I dont know if this is normal but I don't have any files in the start up folder (checked while in test mode) Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have about 6-10hours playing with this, Im beyond frustrated!
  3. I have a f700 that is just stuck on the main pioneer boot up screen. I so far have tried doing numerous updates found on here, as well as the update offered from pioneer. I think maybe I need like a full functional back up file. I can get into test mode, just cant get past start up screen.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!